Images are everywhere in the internet. Nowadays, it’s just impossible to find an attractive website that doesn’t have even a single photo on it.

Why does your website need stunning graphics?

  • “Colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%” (Xerox)
  • “Articles with pictures get 94% more views” (Jeff Buallas)
  • “65% of people around the world are visual learners” (Forbes)

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The right Graphics bring balance and complement written content. It also compels site visitors to continue scrolling web pages.

Our graphic artists can create visually appealing content that go in line with your message. Just give us the details and the theme, and we’ll take over the creative and content creation parts for you.

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5 Mistakes Web Design Services Must Never Make

According to NetCraft's Web Server Survey, there are about 1 billion websites. Despite the colossal number, only a few websites are successful. Many of which suffer from mistakes made by web design services they hired. If you're planning to start your own website business, then heed these advices. Let us learn the 5 common mistakes…

Keeping It Simple and Easy in a Web Design

The term “less is more” is really an apt description of web designing. Just because it is a design it does not mean you have to let go and put all the elements in there without the thought of making it simple and easy for the audience. People may be tech savvy and internet geniuses…

Consistency of a Web Design

As I have previously mentioned in one of my articles, web designing or programming is a work of art. It may not be made of acrylic, water color or oil but it can be considered an art because there are designs and colors involve. However, when creating a web design one has to be conscious…

The Secret to a Good Web Design

I would like to think that web designing is comparable to a great work of art. The painter in this case is the web programmer or designer. They are the Michelangelo and Da Vinci of modern times. It may be debatable but I believe that each website designed by web designers is work of art…

Important Elements of a Web Design

Building your online presence starts with your website. The most crucial point when starting your website is the web design. You hire web designers to create their piece of art in the computer world. If you are a web designer what are some of the important elements that you need to consider when starting your…

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The job of a web designer has become a status symbol these days. You would seem so cool and amazing if they found out that you are a web designer. Many young people would want to venture in this kind of profession. They think that it not only entails prestige but it can also let…

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