Customer Support

Every business aims to serve their customers in the best way possible.

We want to create relationships with them so we want to connect with and assist them whenever possible. With the marketing competition increasingly getting more difficult, you can’t afford to lose a customer or have them look at other brands.

Why should you should you hire us?

• We understand your need to assist your customers, so to help you serve better, we created different customer support packages that will enable you to serve your patrons even as you sleep.

• And no, it’s definitely not as expensive as continuing your business’ operations 24/7.

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Email Services

CoffeeBot’s Email Experts will ensure you get your message across because:

Our email support staff will respond to your customers’ messages so no email is ignored in the inbox.
Our customized service reduces geographic and time limitations between you and your customers,
Our outbound email efforts provide better targeting, is efficient, affordable, and personal.


Chat Support


CoffeeBot’s Chat Experts will ensure you get your message across because:

Through chat support you now get to keep in touch with your customers and help guide them in making buying decisions.
Other benefits of chat support include faster response to issues and inquiries, and better chance at building customer loyalty.
With the quick and consistent chat support you can build personal connections with your customers making them more likely to return to your website.

Call Support Services

CoffeeBot’s Call Experts will ensure you get your message across because:

Provide optimum customer support even during the afterhours through our call support services.
Our trained agents can take over your line to ensure that you get to serve your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our call support service is your affordable and easy solution to the increasing demands of your business.

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