With email marketing, your 2020 vision should be clear, eye-catching, and visual.

Gone are the days when brand marketing emails resemble letters or documents that you typically make in college. This decade, email design and email marketing should synergize to create a brand new experience for your potential customers.

If you try to ask an email marketing company like Coffeebot Solutions about the email design trends for 2020, here are the answers:

Everybody Loves Dark Mode

Providing a dark mode option for your emails will surely impress your target audience. With the growing number of people suffering from digital eye strain, the readers of your email will appreciate the care that you provide by giving them a chance to read with an eye-friendly option, especially during night-time.

Dark mode will also make your text and graphics pop more, making your email visually more interesting to read. Who knew that setting a dark mode option would be this groundbreaking?

Go Animated (APNG)

It’s pretty safe to call the 20s the decade of animated PNGs. GIFs (however you pronounce it) are interactive, fun, and trendy. However, it does not compare to the 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency that APNGs have.

What does this mean for your email design and marketing? APNGs can provide the unparalleled clarity and seamless viewing experience that GIFs could never do for you, and it could be what takes your emails to a whole other level.

Can you imagine your favorite GIF in high-definition quality now? We’d be pretty excited right about now!

Typography is still your best friend

In the previous years, email marketing service providers consider typography as one of the most powerful tools to utilize for a successful email marketing strategy, and the same goes for 2020.

For your next email marketing campaign, use fonts that give that ooh la la sensation to the readers. With the creative use of font styles and typography in your emails, your audience will enjoy reading thanks to the visual oomph.


3D has conquered cinema because of its power to make things literally pop. The same goes for emails with 3D graphics! Three-dimensional images add additional depth of field to your email, which makes the service, product, and message you’re presenting stand out more.

Just visualize your next email blast featuring lifelike and fascinating graphics. Iconic.


Email design and marketing may look like a very challenging boulder to conquer for some brands, and understandably so. This is why if you need help with expanding your brand online through emails, you will really need to find a reliable email marketing service provider.

Coffeebot Solutions prides itself in having a team of experts that specialize in various digital marketing services such as email marketing and design, content production, social media management and marketing, search engine optimization, and many more. Contact us today, and let’s talk about your brand over a cup of espresso.