Facebook is a very intuitive and innovative social media platform. Over the years it kept on improving itself to give its users the best experience as they scroll through the News Feed and interact with brands.

As a facebook advertising service provider, we’ve been keeping up with Facebook’s algorithm changes to make sure our clients stay relevant with their audience. When it comes to effective Facebook advertising, leave the technicalities to us. We help you make sense of analytics and create engaging content that resonates with your ideal market.

While the algorithm and the memes may change, there are principles in Facebook advertising that don’t change. Here are three factors that drive engagement on Facebook.

Valuable Content

Nothing beats quality content when it comes to driving legitimate engagement on Facebook. When you bring the kind of information your audience expects from your brand, you’re going to reap great engagement numbers. It’s almost an inevitability, especially when you capture your niche crowd.

facebook content

Creating eye-catching content is not even half the battle. When your posts mean something to your audience, you will hold their attention completely. Do it consistently, and you will raise loyal customers.

It’s easy for users these days to differentiate legitimate posts from ads. Your brand’s goal is to raise its relevance with its ideal audience so your posts won’t feel like an ad. At that point, your audience will be anticipating your every post.

Posting Schedules

Of course, valuable posts lose their value when it gets left unseen. Give your content the best chances of getting the most engagements, post it when your audience is online.

For other social media platforms, getting the right timing can get tricky. On Facebook, however, you don’t have to take guesses to get your posting schedules right. Facebook’s business page management tools enable every you to have a more accurate approach in scheduling your content.

Familiarizing these tools is a must for every Facebook ad service provider. If you want your brand to take a calculated approach towards Facebook advertising, consider hiring one for your company.


Engagement Opportunities

Finally, one of the best ways to drive engagement on your Facebook business page is to give your audience the chance to engage. Ask a question, end with a clear Call-To-Action, offer something valuable in exchange for their precious time, the possibilities are endless.

Your Facebook marketing experts at Coffeebot are continuously scouring every community within this widely-used social media platform to make sure we bring your brand to the people that matter. Send us a message today, and we’ll talk about how you will drive in the most engagements for your page.