Content-writing services are now widely available to businesses. But not everyone who claims to be a content writer is a good one. In choosing a digital marketing agency to create content for you, you need to review their portfolio first. What do you need to look out for? Here are the three key features that separate quality from mediocrity:

Content Should Be Audience-Centered

It is crucial for content writers to understand their audience. Articles or any kind of web and social media content should be written to respond to the needs and wants of the target market, not just to sell a product or a service. The audience won’t care if what you’re selling has x number of features.

If it doesn’t address a problem they experience, they are not likely to care about it.

Let’s put that in a scenario. Tech Company A and Tech Company B is both selling a phone with relatively the same features. Tech Company A releases blog posts boasting about its features, like the quality of the pictures it takes, or the big storage space it has, but the message is basically: “Our phone is better than other phones.”

Tech Company B, on the other hand, publishes articles telling people that they can capture important moments without the blur. They say their phone can store more memories, and can hold more files and documents that they need for work. The message here is: “Our phone helps you with the things that are important to you.”

Which do you think is more likely to sell?

Content Should Be Original

I don’t need to tell you why plagiarism is a terrible thing to commit and be accused of. It’s bad rep, and most likely whatever content that was plagiarized or was spun off from another is not specific to what product or service is being sold.

You’ll know unoriginal content when you read it. It will sound generic and vague and it makes it blatantly obvious to the customer that you’re just trying to get them to spend instead of caring about what they need.

The ultimate reason why content should be original is for you to set your business apart from others who are trying to sell the same thing—whether it’s a product, a service, or even just an idea.

The foundation of originality, at least in content and copywriting, is product knowledge. Professional copywriters will study your business from inside out.

Content Should Be Versatile

Cross-platform marketing is a requirement in business. If you have a website but don’t have social media, you’re losing out on a large opportunity to connect with customers and potential customers alike. What does that mean for content? It should also be created to suit other platforms.

The best digital marketers don’t just write blog posts for the heck of it. Professional writers who provide content and copywriting services think about how to write an article in a way that can be repurposed to a video, an infographic, or maybe even a podcast. They write already thinking of how to reinforce your brand’s message.


Looking for an agency that can create great content for you? Look no further.