To look for a web designer is a search for a particular professional that you’re going to work with for a certain time. How long that time is, exactly, relies on how well you and your web designer mesh together.

As a web design company in Davao City, Philippines, we’d like for as many brands and businesses to hire us as their web designers. Realistically speaking, there are web design firms that seem more compatible with certain brands than other firms.

So for the business owner, how do you find the one? How would you know if you’re speaking with the web designers that can create the website you’ve dreamt of for your brand? Try asking them the following questions:

What Kind of Websites Have You Built?


Finding a web designer is an important interview for your business. You have to be sure that the professional you’re about to work with is one that knows how to deliver what you’re looking for on a website. Your business has a particular brand, and no two web designers are created equal or have the same vision.

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Go deep into their portfolio to see if their previous projects are in the same ballpark as the ones you’re trying to create for your brand. The designer may only include the best works they’ve done, but their portfolio gives you a good idea of what their work for you could look like.

As you browse through the portfolio, ask about the goals and challenges of the website, and whether the website helped the brand achieve its goals despite the challenges. Here’s something you have to know about web designers—every project is a story. Some projects are success stories, some are tragedies. Make sure to get to know each one.

What’s Your Web Design Process?


The quality of the process determines the quality of the product. You may have heard a similar thought from a pizza restaurant that tells you about how better ingredients make better slices. The same goes for web design. The process sets the experts and the amateurs apart.

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Web design experts are usually principle and process-driven. They set standards for themselves from the responsiveness of the page, to their deadlines. Experienced web designers know how important it is for businesses to get results right when they expect them. Amateurs, on the other hand, will show themselves easily as they explain their process. As much as we’d like to enrich fresh talent, business websites require a more calculated approach to web design, so steer clear of the amateurs.

Get to know how they work as a team, and get to know the team while you’re at it. If some of the work is outsourced, you have to know. Outsourcing talent is not necessarily bad. Some talents are simply located elsewhere. If they’ve worked smoothly as a team in the past, there’s no need to sweat out the fact that they’re not on the same island as your brand.

Honorable Mention: The Best Web Designers

Before you ask this last question, there’s a principle in the industry that sets the best web designers apart from others—user experience. Whenever you’re sitting down with web designers, notice if they’ll mention user experience as one of their driving principles in web design. Firms that overlook the interface that dictates this aspect should be enough reason for you to be apprehensive about the quality of their output.


What Happens After You’ve Designed the Website?


After you get your website, what happens next? Are they offering maintenance services? How many revisions are included before they start charging more? You and your web designers must agree on the terms of the project, or miscommunication will burn your project down to the ground.

Every part of the project must be planned from the short, mid, to long-term website concerns. Web designers may be masters of certain development language, but they’re not aliens that you can’t talk to plainly.

Coffeebot prides itself as a complete digital marketing agency. From the inception of a concept to the long-term preservation of a project’s quality—we are your web design firm, your social media managers, your SEO specialists, and your virtual assistant service company. Reach out to us today, and we’ll talk about how your brand gels well with our expertise.