As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses and individuals around the globe, making adjustments to your marketing is the key to survive. This includes coming up with new ways of advertising your business on Facebook, considering that we are now in the new normal the regular strategies need fine-tuning.


Here’s an A-B-C to guide to follow before you begin running new advertisements on Facebook.


A – Assess your strategy


Major changes in the economy rapidly happen each day, and as we continue to endure through this pandemic, the long time indoors has affected both people’s behavior and the trends in the market. This leads to different scenarios for each industry. Some are being badly hit by the crisis, others are trying to stay afloat, and few more are experiencing a surge in demand.

What does this mean?

A marketing strategy elixir does not exist. There is no cure-all approach in marketing.

Normally, advertising conditions vary in terms of customer base and geography. But with the difficult times we are facing, these conditions have changed, and have even become more complex.

Assessing your strategy will help you decide on your next move. A digital marketing specialist may suggest simplifying your strategy, staying consistent with your high-performing ads, or building brand awareness even more. Whatever it has to be, your strategy must be customized and tailor-made according to your customers, specific goals and present marketing conditions.


B – Be human


Perhaps, this is the most important thing to consider when running an advertisement.

How can you and your business help? Is there anything that you can offer for your customers who are in trouble, dealing with anxiety, or suffering loss?

Let compassion prevail, as no one is spared from experiencing these challenging times.

Try connecting more with your customers through messaging, email, or through your own advertisements on social media. It would be great if you could show your support or openness to communication with your customers, should you consider advertising your business on Facebook.

Worried that the message that you’re trying to relay through your ads will not be flawless? You don’t have to be. Though it’s also good if you can have an instant seamless response for the pandemic, it’s okay to show that you are still testing the waters. Your customers will understand that you too are vulnerable, for as long as you are transparent with them and that you are making an effort to respond to the crisis. Just be careful that your efforts will not seem disingenuous. Through your ads, you can let them know and understand that we are all in this together.


C – Communicate key messages creatively


The right tone in your message, accompanied with the right visuals will lead to an effective advertisement during COVID-19.

Choose the right words. Select the most suitable colors. Plan an appropriate layout. Respond genuinely considering your tone of voice, branding, and values.

You can also get creative. Try providing useful information, help resources, and health safety tips and connect it to your product or service.

What should you avoid? Your audience is no longer thinking the way they used to, so don’t rely on the assumption that their buying behavior is still the same. Also, avoid being insensitive, triggering or worsening anxiety, and causing panic.

To avoid this, be resourceful in looking for design tips. For instance, Facebook has developed new templates and automated responses in connection with COVID-19 to help businesses keep in touch with their customers. If you are afraid to experiment on creative ideas, you can use these as they are or as reference/inspiration for your original advertisement content.

Remember this A-B-C when you plan to run an ad on Facebook soon. If you want to explore more options for advertising on Facebook during these challenging times, talk to Coffeebot Solutions, your reliable digital marketing specialist.