People might think that content writing is a tough and boring job. Call me crazy, but I love it. Yes, in my years of writing, I have encountered lots of topics that I wished would just bury itself under the ground, but online writing comes with benefits. More people can read it, and you can see those results first hand from the stats. Once you see those numbers rank up, you know you did a good job, and it inspires me to write more quality content, something peole would WANT to read, and WANT to share.


I believe that many of us likes to read things that are funny and light. One thing that a content writer has to practice is to inject humor in the articles that one is writing. Being too serious can make people skip the articles all together. One must remember that when a person is able to enjoy an article then he can share it with other people.

Can’t talk about something serious, and make it interesting at the same time? We beg to differ. Have you ever watched “Myth Busters“? If you want to find a way to reach your audience, you’ll find a way to make your topic interesting and addictive. Television audiences are harder to please, but the writers were able to make a totally awesome way to explain science.

Simple and Straightforward

As a writer one of our great assets is to brag about our vocabulary. However, if you are a content writer, one has to be able to adjust to requirements. If we have to make it more comprehensivle, we have to use simple words. Let’s face it there will be different people who will read your articles and most of them would not really be able to grasp words that have deep meaning. They also have less time so they would just leave your article if you keep on going in circles. The saying “less is more” really applies to writing content writing. [Tweet “BREVITY. Most of the time, that’s all an article needs”]

As a child, I remember watching a television show where the main character had nightmares about an English test. The show ended with with her, writing “Brevity” on the answer sheet, and it was all she needed. BREVITY. Most of the time, that’s all an article needs too.


They say that there is no original content online. If you’ve thought about it, it’s already been published online. If you’re intent on making effective content for your website, you have to accept this fact. However, don’t misconstrue this statement with “you cannot write anything original.” The concepts are there, the stories are the same, but you can tell it differently. If every song writer thought the same about originality, we’d be missing out on probably 80% of the songs we have listened to since time immemorial.

How do you ensure these three factors are present in your content? Facts and fun. Use the facts you have and have fun with it!