Keywords are crucial in any SEO campaign—from its placement in a blog post to its usage schedule, not to mention the actual words you will use. Once maximized with relevant content, it will help your web page rank up the search results. But as any SEO service provider will tell you, there are different kinds of keywords that you need to be familiar with as a business.

To reach your target audience, you will need to think about what they are likely to search for in relation to what you’re selling

Your keyword usage should be based on research, and of course the type of business you have. There are different kinds of keywords that have different roles in boosting your search rankings. Here’s a list to guide you.

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Market-defining Keywords

Shops lined up

These are keywords that broadly define what type of business you are and what you sell.

These are usually generic and are helpful for onpage optimization especially in establishing the relevance of your web page to the industry where you belong.

Think like the consumers and ask yourself, what words will they use to describe your business?

If you’re a tech company that sells digital cameras, market-defining keywords you can use are:

  • Digital cameras
  • Digital camera brand
  • Digital camera company

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the keywords related to your industry. You just need common sense.


Geo-targeted Keywords

Action figure on map

These are keywords specify your product and business in relation to your location.

Of course, there are plenty of digital camera shops in your country, let alone the world. Geo-targeted keywords help boost your local rankings and reach your target market locally.

Examples of geo-targeted keywords for a UK-based digital camera company are:

  • Digital cameras uk
  • Digital camera company uk
  • Digital camera shop London

This strategy is most helpful to start-ups and businesses that are location-bound, like resorts and restaurants. If you own a local café in New York, strategic keywords would be:

  • Coffee shop new york
  • Coffee shop nyc
  • Restaurant nyc


Product Keywords

Bags on shelves

These are the keywords that describe the product or service you sell.

They also describe the things that your target audience is looking for. This is the type of keyword closest to getting someone to buy from your shop because it targets something that they need or want.

For our camera company example, you can use these keywords:

  • Digital camera
  • Digital camera battery
  • Camera lens in uk
  • Camera tripod in London

Some industries have more diverse products than others. For our local café example, these are some of the keywords you can use:

  • Iced café latte
  • Caramel machiatto new york
  • Crème brulee nyc


Customer-defining Keywords

A woman carrying shopping bags

These are keywords that describe who your target audience is.

This type of keyword is strategic in reaching out to the people are most likely to buy from you, and who need what you sell. You can maximize these keywords by putting them in articles or blog posts that directly addresses your target audience.

For our hypothetical camera company, these are the ideal keywords:

  • Photographers uk
  • Amateur photographer
  • Digital cameras for photographers
  • Digital cameras for hobbyists London

Other businesses, however, do not have a very specific audience and sell to a more general market. These include the personal care industry, restaurants and fast-food chains, and clothing shops. For our local café, these are some customer-defining keywords:

  • Coffee shop for students
  • Café in nyc for coffee lovers


Of course, the process of choosing a keyword requires rigorous research. You need to know your target market as well as assess your current status in SEO. What keywords need more content? Which ones are doing well?

If you’re having trouble with keyword usage or unsure of what strategy to use, the right virtual assistant company or SEO service provider can make a huge impact to your business.