Local SMEs are now taking notice of how digital marketing can do wonders for their businesses. They become at par with the big leagues, and can even have better marketing strategies than their direct competitors for a more affordable price than traditional media can offer.

Digital marketing in the Philippines has changed the game for so many small businesses and startups, because of their investment in promoting their brands online. But because many digital marketing non-believers still lurk, other enthusiasts may fall prey to their misconceptions. Here are a few common digital marketing myths.

SEO is useless

One can make the argument that PPC campaigns can put your website on the coveted spot of search engine results pages, but that doesn’t altogether cancel out SEO.

SEO puts your website on the map (or on SERPs, at least), and with the right keywords, SEO can work wonders for your website.

Mobile optimization is secondary priority

In 2015, Google released an algorithm that would rank mobile-optimized websites over those that are not optimized. And because mobile searches are now more common than web searches, it’s only right for your company’s website to be viewable on mobile.


It is important to note that this may not necessarily mean all websites should have an app—they just need to be optimized for mobile.

Content marketing only works for B2C

There’s no one way to correctly create content for marketing. That can only mean that though there are plenty of resources for B2C content, there are also many campaign ideas for B2B businesses as well.

B2B businesses can capitalize on content that educates people on their products or services, the benefits of investing on what they’re selling, and reasons to choose their brand over their competitors.

Having more content means getting more exposure

Quantity over quality? Actually, it’s the other way around.

Releasing relevant content, whether on your website or social media, actually does more for your online presence than constantly creating content that may give little to no changes to your page.


In the case of social media marketing, relevant content (which can mean content that is relevant to the brand or content that is timely) gets more attention and engagements than recurring posts that may or may not be relevant at the time of posting. You’ll see this manifest in memes, which are sort of like a formula for you to create relevant content for a particular time.

It’s too expensive

No matter how easy you think digital marketing can be, the fact stays true: it requires a lot of time. So even if you find the time to teach yourself how to use digital marketing to your brand’s advantage, it can easily become a full-time job maintaining your progress and changing your strategies.

That’s where employing virtual assistants come in handy. Think of it as an investment. If traditional advertising methods cost way more than your budget can provide, turning to digital marketing can be the solution.

And if your brand can afford to pay for billboards, TV commercials, and radio ads, you can definitely afford to invest in digital marketing—and it will still be worth every penny.

 Because there’s a lot of stuff you need to sort out for digital marketing including search engine optimization, web development, content marketing, and social media marketing, you might need a hand. You can appoint the help of one of the top virtual assistant companies in the Philippines by giving us a call.