According to NetCraft’s Web Server Survey, there are about 1 billion websites. Despite the colossal number, only a few websites are successful. Many of which suffer from mistakes made by web design services they hired. If you’re planning to start your own website business, then heed these advices. Let us learn the 5 common mistakes that every web design services should avoid:

1. Can’t Find Site on Search Engines

Google is the most preferred search engine and many sites are fighting over to stay on top of rankings. If your website isn’t search engine friendly, then people will find it very difficult to find you. The discipline called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website become recognizable to your targeted audience. The basics of SEO include having a site map, good content, standard tags, meta-tags, keywords, and description that enables search engines to recognize your website.

2. Contact Page Nowhere to Be found

A website ads credibility to your company. What is a credible business without letting people know that you are for real? This is most especially applicable to small or starting businesses. Without a contact page, more and more people will suspect you as a scammer, even though you are not.

Web design services fail to see the importance of putting a contact page. You should include the following information:

  • email addresses for the company’s support, department, or personnel
  • Physical address
  • Office phone number
  • Fax number
  • Social network links

Providing adequate information of how to contact your business is essential. It is the primary step to build customer’s trust and loyalty. When you build customer’s trust, they’d be confident to make a purchase, refer your website to others, and get less complaints. This would mean more profit.

3. Poor and Outdated Content

Freshness and timeliness of content influences rankings. Search engines scores a website through their content, whether how up to date or outdated.

Also, visitors won’t go to your website if they cannot find the information they need. Posting irrelevant content that may not benefit your audience is just a waste of time and efforts.

An effective website when executed properly, may bring a significant impact on your sales. Thus, it is highly important to monitor your site. Delete outdated content and post new ones. If you have links attached, check if they are still live.

4. Inconsistent Design

Visitors expect to see a harmony of colors, fonts, logos, navigation tabs, and design. Don’t confuse them with irregular page designs. This creates frustration and makes your company unprofessional.

Creativity should reflect on to your website, but not too much. Don’t over do your design, if possible, keep it simple and clean.

5. Difficult to Navigate

Website navigation should be natural. This means that visitors should easily navigate through without any needed help. Stick to standard techniques and locations for navigation elements. Also, make your website as straightforward as possible. When your website is well organized and systematic, visitors will most likely to return.

Your website is your company’s face – it should always be presentable. It could also be the maker of possible clients, or the breaker of your business. When hiring web design services, make sure they don’t make the above mistakes or your website will suffer.