That old family restaurant in your neighborhood, that obscure cafe that college students frequent, that old photography studio that’s become a school portrait favorite – these are just some examples of businesses that the locals may all know and love, but have increasing trouble competing with more commercial brands.

For many, optimizing one’s presence online may appear to be as relaxed as DIY-ing a website, and simply posting an article once every week. Ask any digital marketing expert, however, and they’ll tell you that’s not enough. Come in, SEO company services for local and international businesses.

But why exactly is hiring an SEO company in Davao like Coffeebot so important that local businesses should invest in it? Let’s break down the key points.

SEO remains the best way to gain website traffic

As technology advanced over the decade, so did Google and other search engines’ ways of indexing websites and determining which ones to prioritize and present to users first. As opposed to previous years wherein it was enough to include the necessary keyword with each sentence, it takes a lot more today. Search engines are smarter now, and businesses need to respond with smarter SEO practices.

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As a local business aiming to be at par with larger corporations, it makes a world of difference to bring traffic into your site organically with SEO. Remember that this goes beyond simply ranking as well as, say, a national restaurant chain; it also means allowing your businesses a greater chance to have visitors are actually interested and will most likely result in conversions.

Web content and web design have a lot to do with SEO

Search engines are always on the lookout for content that audiences will respond to and engage with, this means they will go for new and fresh content every time. Given that, filling your site with tired old topics basically shows that not much thought was put into meaning it won’t do much good.

In terms of web design, it is crucial that your SEO-strategized content jives well with it, and more importantly, that it’s easy to use. This goes for two reasons: One, a well-designed site is easier for search engines to index, and two, it will be easier for users to navigate, therefore reducing your bounce rate.

Being a local business, this is the best space to express your individuality as a homegrown brand and what sets you apart from the competition. Incorporating your unique branding with your blog posts tone, as well as your website’s aesthetics and functionality, all offer a greater opportunity for your potential customers to resonate with your brand.


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Strategic link building makes a great difference

Another vital aspect of successful SEO and something you should definitely seek in your SEO service package is white hat link building, AKA link building that won’t get you in trouble. Given that you’re most likely going to aim for more localized queries, it will be tempting to go ahead and cheat a bit, such as with keyword stuffing and cloaking, inserting the necessary location here and there, but know that this will only result in search engines decreasing your ranking.

Link building has always played a vital role in establishing a website’s domain authority online, and with the development of Google’s Penguin Spam Filter, which is now part of Google’s Core Algorithm, it’s easier than ever for the biggest search engine in the world to detect websites that follow black hat link building practices, which can earn your website penalties rather than a higher ranking.

Keyword research is everything

If there’s any step in SEO that requires your attention, it’s keyword research. Keywords can directly affect whether a designated webpage will show up when a potential customer types your business or service in the search box. Given that you are a local business, especially, maximizing keywords to match your locality can spell the difference between appearing disappearing in a sea of search results or appearing in the search results of a user that’s a mere five minutes away from your store.

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving

Last but not the least, it’s crucial to keep in mind that SEO practices are constantly developing over time. As we speak, Google and other search engines are likely working to improve their algorithms so as to bring users better results to match their queries. SEO isn’t something that you can work on and just leave it at that. It’s an aspect of your online presence that must be regularly maintained to show potential customers that your homegrown business is worth investing in.

With a smart strategy and the right search engine optimization services, you won’t have trouble keeping up with the big kids. On the contrary, you are more able to utilize your being as a smaller enterprise to your advantage as you reach out to your target market.


We can talk about how great SEO is for your brand, but it’s definitely another thing to see it in action for yourself. Search engine optimization can get quite complicated at times, which is why it’s important to make sure you have professional SEO company service provider to help you grasp and understand it all, and more importantly, maximize its benefits for your business.