In the world of television, you are only given 15 minutes to show to the world what you are made of. 15 minutes. Some people survived the test and became outright celebrities, but to others, their spot in the limelight survived only a mere 15 minutes and then their curtains closed.

However, on the web, 15 minutes is way too long. Catching the attention span of your readers and clients online can be a daunting task. The internet is so dynamic that in a short span of time the world as we know it suddenly changes into another dimension and you are lost in what they call the “internet traffic”.

The only way to get rid of such traffic though is to have strong content for your online page or brand. Advertising your business online is so competitive. You can no longer share your content online and expect a reaction from your clients; you need to be proactive and as much as possible, reach out to them instead of wait for them to find your content and give feedback.

The idea being is that we want some extra lift for the purpose of catching the attention of your potential clients. And what better way to catch their attention than by incorporating a well-constructed, thought-out content for you to gain their trust.

Idea One – Links in your Social Profiles

Clients do have a habit of checking out your profile information as soon as they get hold of your account. So, if you want to promote a piece of content, you will want to include your blog in your Social Profile for your clients to know you bette. In this way, they get to see your promoted piece indirectly.

You may also want to include links in your LinkedIn Profile, if you have one. Keep in mind that this is not applicable for every blog post, but as in the case of Whitepaper or ebook, this is a good way to showcase your pieces on your LinkedIn profile.

Idea Two – Pin important posts in your Social Feeds

It works well with Facebook and Twitter, you can pin your important post on top of your feed. This is the best way to get extra attention to important pieces of content, especially if you have many followers.

If you have a content that you think will help a lot of people, a pinned post will generate extra shares and likes, boosting your chances of getting noticed. And when that happens, it increases your networking potential if you are maintaining a business online.

Idea Three – Utilize your Email Signature

If you correspond a lot through email, this can be a suitable way to promote your piece of content. You can even build your reputation through the use of your email signature, connecting to your email contacts as often as you can, quite an “un-spammy” way of promoting such content.any-questions

Idea Four Promote content in answers to questions

If your content is informative or useful to a lot people, you can search similar questions online and post such answers containing a link to your content. A word of warning though, never make the mistake of posting the link, stating the answer as this would be considered spammy to a lot of people.

Give a thorough answer instead and link your content only as a source for more information. It always works well if you’re not simply promoting your content, but strive to be helpful. Such questions can be found in groups, reddit, forums and even conversations from Twitter.

Idea Five – Blogger Roundup, Newsletters

You can also do some benckmarking techniques with your special piece of content if you can research other blogs, contact them explaining why your piece would be a happy addition to their roundup. Other blogs oftentimes post collection of their favorite pieces of content from their niche, you might want to include yours.

Also, there are industries with newsletters having relevant issues and information. And at times, they are on the lookout for some additions, your piece of content might fit in for their respective

Idea Six – Promote New Content with an Old One

Best sellers post come quite often, and most of the time they create a ton of traffic online and they keep generating favorites. Needless to say, you can promote your newly-created content to this particular best seller.

Linking already existing articles with new ones with similar topics is a smooth way of promoting your content without being too obvious. To further augment the said link, you can even add a small explanation why your new content is as good as that old one.

Idea Seven – Build Relationships

Perhaps the ideal way of promoting your piece of content online is to build great relationships with your clients who are active in social media and are willing to help you. You may not receive the kind of reception you want with your content at times, but these people sure will help you on various

They will promote your content without you even asking. Establishing partnerships with your clients increase your chances of getting noticed since they will vouch for your content to their friends and business associates.

You may have come across these ideas of promoting content online, but you aren’t sure about its outcome. These tips will improve your chances of getting that desired notice if handled well.

Some of these ideas will cost you a lot of money, but the returns will be rewarding. Gaining the trust and confidence of your clients through your content is a sure-fire winner in marketing your brand and establishing a healthy online relationship with your clients.