One might ask if there is a real difference between a blogger and a content writer. Well, for similarities sake, both of them are writers. Their media is writing and they both want to convey ideas to other people. How can they be important in online marketing? That is a good question to ask; especially some people cannot really distinguish between the two.

As I read the works of bloggers and writers, I come to the understanding that there is really a very thin line separating the two kinds of writers. Still, there are differences to be found between the two and you choose which category you fall.

The blogger usually writes about all available topics under the sun. They write about what interests them the most hence most bloggers would write about food, clothes, or interesting places. However, there are now bloggers who write even articles that are unusual like pest control or educational grants. Bloggers use their emotions as well when they write about the topics that they are most passionate about. Most of the time the language used by a blogger is informal and is almost similar to talking to a friend.

The content writer has a different approach when writing a subject or topic. They are more formal and detach in the attack that they do in their writing. In fact, it is almost like reading a news article or an encyclopedia when you write as a content writer. However, in recent studies, there is already a clamor to make the content articles more interesting hence content writers are requested to come up with creative ways on how topics can become more interesting for readers.

Whichever writer you wish to become the main point is that you have to enjoy it because it will be read by people. They can feel if you are passionate or not.