Facebook is a big part of our everyday life in the Philippines considering how the country has one of the most voracious users of social media in the world. While the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and other such websites have their place in the modern Filipino’s consciousness, Facebook remains a big part of our daily lives. With the pandemic continuing to prevent regular travel and tourism in the country, social media platforms like Facebook continue to be mediums for people to communicate, barter, and discover new things. As we have said in the past, this makes the platform one of the best places for digital marketing in the Philippines, so much that the best Davao-based experts recommend it for promoting one’s business. Good engagements can generate good leads while developing pre-existing ones. Here are some tips on how to make your marketing more engaging.


Smart Hooks in your Content (hugot, jokes, related content)


What would draw your audience in? That’s a question that relies heavily on what you know about the people interested in your product. A buyer’s persona would help you form a better picture of them, but we digress. One way to draw your audience in is to identify engaging content ideas and use them for your social media posts. For example, most Filipinos online are drawn towards “hugot” lines, so using such lines for your daily posts may increase your engagement significantly. It depends entirely on the type of audience you are looking for.


Facebook (and Instagram) Stories


A Facebook Story is a way for a person to share the happenings of their day to day life. It can be a selfie, a series of photos, or even images that they wanted to showcase to others. For a business, Stories can provide easy reach and showcase what your company has to offer to people who follow your page. That way, their interest is continuously piqued directly. Make sure that the kind of stories you share are visually appealing. Instagram also has a Story function, so if you want to use more than one social media platform (which we recommend by the way), you can also share Stories there.

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