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Message from the Directors

Coffeebot is a forward-thinking digital marketing agency located in one of the Philippines’ fastest growing cities, Davao.

From our home-based years, and the years we’ve worked in an office, we have seen our clients’ businesses and our staff grow as much and even more than we have as a company. And this is in-line with what we have envisioned, a holistic and mutual growth. This was only possible by seeing and treating each other as equals.

As equals, we are aware that each of us play a role, have responsibilities and will reap the rewards. It is never as simple as you pay us, tell us what to do and we do the job.

As the experts, we have the responsibility to look into the project and recommend a better way to do it. We need to do our research, we need to constantly train. We need to constantly un-learn and re-learn how to do things.

As the business owner and client, you have the responsibility to listen to new ideas, give feedback, share your knowledge, and invest on your campaign.

As the company directors, we have the responsibility to make sure everyone’s voices are heard and that goals are achieved. We ensure that our staff are equipped with both tools and skills to do their job, and provide them with an environment that encourages creativity and potential.

With everyone actively participating and working as a team, the rewards have been evident.Our growth is simply a reflection of our clients’ success.

In this new phase, we will still hold true to our main foundations, values and vision.

There’s always a better way to do business online.

Jessica Madrazo Peter Perez
Operations Director Managing Director

There’s always a better way to do business online.

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