The next best thing to the choco-cereal addict koala bear that imprinted a delightful poof to every kid and kid at heart was Aladdin’s Genie. Who wouldn’t fall for the cyanotic macho who inspired the so-so hair trend among men nowadays?

Besides his charms, his powers and abilities made him one of the major characters in the Disney universe.

Imagine the story of Aladdin without Genie. It would have been the usual poor boy-falls-in-love-with-the-rich girl plot, and that’s not exactly what kids can easily understand. Kids like magic, flying carpets, well-groomed monkeys, and of course, a genie that grants wishes – things that adults find absurd to understand.

However, if there’s one thing you would like to happen in real life out of Aladdin’s tale, it would definitely be having your wishes granted. Of the three wishes, Aladdin had learned to set aside his egotistical tendencies on his last wish which was to free Genie from lamp prison.

He finally realized that for a wish or any decision to become worthwhile, you have to think hard and consider others to be genuinely happy.

This is the same value that your mother has been reminding you ever since – to think before you speak, to be mindful of your actions. Even as an adult, you have to demonstrate this level of maturity especially if you’re managing a business.

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

In business, these would be:






If you want to establish a strong brand recall, you have to set clear marketing goals that are guided by these
three S’s before you start your promotions.

Aladdin could’ve wished for better things for the first two wishes but because he didn’t think
things over, he wasted the value of those opportunities. You wouldn’t want the same scenario to
happen in your business – that would mean gross fund deficit.

Of course, a goal should not remain a goal. It should become an achievement. Once you have your plans and strategies in place, proceed with implementation. A plan is not good enough if you cannot see if it works and if you can grow from it.

Why Settle for Three

…if you can have as many goals as you want?

Aladdin and Marketing, CoffeebotDiversifying what you want for your company allows you to see which image best suits your entire organization and your target market. It also encourages your audience to see you as someone who can compete with the industry changes and still remain solid.

Regardless if you use traditional, online or social media marketing, the more important thing you have to consider is that your game plan should target your goals. Now, if you’re looking for that perfect partner who can help you maximize the use of digital marketing for your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

Just press percolate, and we’ll take it from there.