We are facing a pandemic right now, and as a business, we need to look for ways to keep ourselves afloat. With safety measures like social distancing, how can you make sure that your brand is still being seen and supported by the consumers in their own homes?

Well, the answer is hiring PPC management services providers specializing in social media platforms.


Pay-per-click campaigns in social media allow brands to advertise and interact with their target audience without risking their health and safety. Now, we know that you are interested in this innovative and secure digital marketing campaign, so what are the best social media websites to invest in with PPCs?



Facebook is the undisputed leader in terms of social media users. This is why businesses take this opportunity to start expanding their online brand presence. How do you create the perfect PPC campaign on Facebook? You need in-depth strategizing. Since brands, niches, and target audiences differ among brands, researching and experimenting is one way to formulate the perfect pay-per-click campaign that works for you.


Here are some strategies you can try:

  • Experimenting with various ad placements on Facebook
  • Combining Facebook Ads with Google AdWords
  • Investing in Facebook Ads and Content Marketing
  • Studying the Market Through A/B Tests



Here’s numerical data that you should know: 63% of Twitizens follow small businesses. What does this mean for you? Putting up a Twitter PPC campaign will impact your business due to its enterprise-friendly population.

Now, how do you develop an effective strategy that would work for your brand?


You can try these tips:

  • Targeting influencers in your niche.
  • Make sure that you follow your competition.
  • Research and target brands and products that complement yours.



Although not the largest social media platform on the internet, Instagram has one of (if not the) highest amount of monthly active users. According to a study, Instagram has twice as many monthly users than Twitter, and thrice as much than Facebook. With these numbers put into perspective, the photo-sharing site is a reliable platform to run pay-per-click ad campaigns.


What are the most effective strategies according to successful brands on Instagram?

  • Make sure that your ads are visually appealing and eye-catching (for all the right reasons)
  • Create interesting graphics, captions, and even hashtags.
  • Write click-worthy CTAs.


If you have no to little experience in pay-per-click ad campaigns, these strategies may sound like it is spoken in a foreign language. That’s why you need some help from an expert pay-per-click advertising company in Davao City like Coffeebot Solutions. With our vast experience in PPCs, your brand will surely experience the caffeine boost that it needs online.