It’s become an almost automatic part of life to go on Google any time we’re looking for something or need more information. With such a vital role in our lives, Google has effectively become the biggest search engine ever, as well as one of the most traffic-rich channels out there.

Marketers recognized this, and thus, Google ads were introduced. Although it does provide a great deal of exposure and features for reeling customers in, a successful Google AdWords campaign isn’t simply all about the ad itself; it’s about how you use it and how you partner it with your other channels.

Note Your Copy

Sound Natural

Unlike before wherein hard selling was enough to get a customer to listen to you, these days, it’s a lot more effective to sound like a regular person.

Sounding more on the natural side and talking as you would normally to people (as opposed to “Hey, this product will change your life”) is key. You don’t have to kid around or place in a couple of punch lines, you just have to incorporate enough warmth and personality in your voice just to let your audience know that they’re not talking to money-hungry robot.

Emphasize Your Brand

What image are you trying to establish for your business? Is it all about the local flavor? All about reaching female consumers? Or maybe your business is all about the young and hip crowd?

No matter what your target audience and brand are, always remember that your copy is your chance to express your unique personality and what makes you different directly to your audience. Veer away from generic copy and descriptions and go for a message that actually speaks of your vision for your customers.

Make Sure Your Website Is In Top Shape

Ensure That It’s Navigation-Friendly

Your ads are clickable and redirect to your website to make things more convenient for the visitor, so make sure that when they reach your website, they don’t have to spend fifteen minutes waiting for it to finish loading properly or worse, leave because they couldn’t find the navigation bar.

With that, a well-developed and well-designed site is a must. No matter how clever your copy is or how cool your product is, if the customer can’t get to that page they want, you won’t get that conversion despite getting that click.

Quality of Your Site’s Content

In relation to your website quality, it’s also important to keep your content in check. Imagine your customer excitedly clicking on your ad and going to your site only to be greeted by subpar messaging and (hopefully not) pixelated photos of your products?

No matter how well-designed your website is and how smoothly it runs, if it doesn’t have well-produced content, it’s definitely going to come off as suspicious to your visitor, and you risk losing the chance of a sale.

Connect Your Social Media

Drive Traffic to Your Pages

Apart from being able to direct your customers to your site, you can also direct them to your social media pages. Google Ads supports most of the major platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and even LinkedIn.

If you’re going to boost your exposure online, might as well include boosting your presence on the best platforms for customer engagement such as social media, right?

Establish Stronger Branding

Apart from improving your customer engagement opportunities with the social media links, doing so also creates for stronger branding. When you show that your business is on several channels, it helps establish your business as an authority on your chosen field much better, and when you’re a trusted brand, chances of people choosing you over the competition is a lot better.

It’s clear now that one should never downplay the impact of Google AdWords for business, as it really does a lot more than just tell people you’re there. Remember, a Google ad doesn’t have to end at being the message itself, and it can do a whole lot more, which is why it would be a great idea to invest in it.