Social media is a power tool for every business, especially because it lets your brand live in the world where anyone and everyone is constantly present. Facebook has become a playground for businesses where the competition for acquiring local business leads is as fierce as getting conversions, and keeping current customers wanting more.

Let’s talk about keeping your current customers for a second. When people prefer your brand over another, you know you’ve played the game right. Building brand loyalty through social media isn’t a new concept, so it definitely shouldn’t jump over your head. Overall, it’s about showing people your brand exists, and being able to convince them why they should choose you.

Here’s how you can use social media to build brand loyalty:

Create a social media strategy

Unless your brand is as big as McDonalds, your social media promotion won’t fly unless you’ve got a solid strategy up your sleeve.

Have you ever come across a local business page on Facebook whose last update was from a year ago? Or maybe you’ve sent messages to this business, asking them about their working hours, and they never replied.

How did that make you feel as a potential consumer?  To some people, their false presence from social media seems sloppy—almost like those brands don’t care enough about their customers to reach out to them regularly.

Smart social media strategies stretch farther than posting daily on social sites. They include SEO, link building, PR, PPC like Facebook paid advertising, to name a few. If your goal is to build brand loyalty, it helps to be customer-centric. What are some things you can offer? Perhaps a free drink on your company’s anniversary or a 5 per cent discount? Extend that announcement online.

It also helps to check your competitors’ strategies too.

Create quality content

So you’re on social media. How are you going to keep your customers entertained? Play by the rules, of course. Social media is an active platform. It is constantly updating. People share a photo now, and by tomorrow, that content probably won’t be found on your feed anymore.

That said, keeping your customers hooked doesn’t mean they want to hear the same pitch over and over again. They want to be treated like people—almost like a friend. You can show them your brand is someone they can rely on. It helps to share and create content your customers can relate to or are interested in.

Content that captures your audience is anything that gives you a high return on investment, which luckily, you can measure through likes, shares, click-throughs, comments, retweets, and any other metric available on each social platform.

Quality content could be a photo, video, text post, or hyperlink that’s related to your own brand and is in line with your goals. If you’re a local gym, you could be sharing links to blog posts related to health, or creating your own videos about what it’s like being a member at your gym. You can get as creative as you can, which brings us to…

Creating a brand personality

When your brand speaks to customers, it needs a voice. If your brand is a friendly neighbourhood gym, you could speak in that tone. Always use the warm tone in all your content, and even in answering customer concerns. You want to make sure your customers’ brand experience is authentic, and you can do that by being consistent with your brand voice.

Your brand personality also makes you relatable. People will feel like you’re just a fun, regular person they can talk to, and more importantly, trust. If you’re having trouble finding your brand personality, you can study your audience. How do they talk? What do they like? Use their language to connect with them.

Building brand loyalty through social media may not always be easy for budding entrepreneurs, but with dedication and investment, you know your hard work won’t go to waste. What’s more, your social media presence can also help you find new prospects, as well as keep your regular ones. So, invest in social media and don’t give up on your strategy.

Katrina Veloso
Katrina Veloso
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