In its final episode of its first season, “CoffeeBreak with CoffeeBot, Episode 7” the team’s discussion centered on Verizon’s recent acquisition of Yahoo, as well as the then-upcoming Dutch-Filipino Film Festival. CoffeeBot Operations Director Jessica Madrazo and Virtual Assistant Aldwin Edades sat as hosts for the episode.

Madrazo opened the discussion about Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo by stating that the former bought the global tech company for $5 billion. Edades then said that the recent acquisition was proof that Yahoo’s net worth is now at a decline from its former, more stable standing in 2000 with their 100 billion net worth.

Madrazo added that along with the acquisition, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer will leave the company and will be given severance pay which saddened many people. She then proceeded to ask Edades whether he still uses Yahoo, to which the latter responded by saying that he no longer uses Yahoo as it is full of spam mails and that he preferred to use Google’s Gmail instead.

“I remember using Yahoo as a search engine before, but that was a long time ago, so I’m really sad about this recent development. I feel like it’s the end of an era.” Madrazo said.

Edades then shared that his very first email since learning how to navigate the internet was actually from Yahoo. He detailed that he used Yahoo during his elementary days almost a decade ago, during the heydays of the social networking site, Friendster. However, he shared that he decided to abandon Yahoo because of the growing number of problematic emails in his account, which prompted him to delete it.

Madrazo asked him whether he subscribes to other Yahoo websites like Yahoo News, to which Edades answered that he doesn’t. He said that the nearest form of engagement he has made after deleting his account was liking the Yahoo News Facebook Page.

Madrazo added that marketing is one of the main reasons why Verizon pushed through with the acquisition. She explained that Verizon intends to advertise on different Yahoo properties like the news.

The acquisition, though, should be treated with a grain of salt. She added that 5 billion is quite an expensive price for a marketing venture to promote their products. And besides, Madrazo added, the deal is a bit of a head-scratcher, since Yahoo is no longer one of the big players in the tech scene.
From the recent buzz in the tech world, the episode then shifted its attention to the local film scene with the merging of Dutch and Filipino cultures in its maiden celebration of the Dutch-Filipino Film Festival. Madrazo introduced Melissa Barrera from Dakila, a socio-civic organization who hosted the said festival, to promote the event.

Barrera invited the viewers to attend the then-upcoming Dutch-Filipino Film Festival, held at Abreeza Ayala Mall, on June 30, 2016. Two films were screened at the event, “Een dag in ‘t jaar” (12 Months in 1 Day) directed by Margot Schaap, and “Miss Bulalacao” by Ara Chawdhury.

Aside from their upcoming event in Abreeza Mall, they also promoted the screenings in Cinematheque Davao, which presented a mix of other Dutch and Filipino films. The episode concluded with the hosts inviting everyone to download Coffebot’s newly-released Ebook, “The Importance Of Communication And Collaboration Tools When Working With Virtual Teams”. The team is optimistic to return for the second season with a livelier and more engaging discussions on “Coffeebreak with Coffeebot”.

Watch the episode here.