Truth slap: There’s nothing extra in the extraordinary happy ending of the Cinderella story.


Why? If we check the statistics, the citizens of the faraway kingdom, many years ago didn’t have any idea of how perfect dating works. Scrap beauty, brains and good heart because the only thing that would get you to marry the richest bachelor with the perfect hair quiff was to fit your foot into that *bleep* glass shoe.

Come on. Size 6 is size 6.

Yet then again, there’s something about magical stories that make you want to believe that only one person has a size 6 feet, and yes they lived happily ever after (that particular scene).

Yes it sounds absurd, and while we’re on the topic, how could the Grand Duke look that happy over a shoe?

Cynicism aside, you can actually relate the “shoe-fitting” part with your daily activities.

What should you wear on your interview?

Which gift should you give your partner or your boss?

Deciding on what and how to do things on any occasion can make or break you, and this holds true in business.

Finding the Right Fit

Whether you’re re-branding or creating a new brand, you always have to start with strategic planning. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do you want to be?
  • Who do you want your target market to perceive you to be?
  • How do you achieve that recognition and reputation?

Once you have established all these, it would be easier for you to implement all the identified strategies until you can finally find the right formula that works.

Determining the effective methods and processes that stabilize your physical and online presence as a brand is important because it allows you to grow and to pocket profit (while you’re expanding). Besides this, you create a strong rapport with your market because they can easily recognize you with your promotions. It also nourishes a positive culture within your company when it comes to commitment and striving for better quality and customer service.

“I Have Enough Shoes”

Said no one ever.

When managing a business, you have to be flexible with your marketing strategies especially online. The web and the social media are constantly in a whirlwind. However, one thing’s for sure – technology is always improving and becoming more sophisticated. If you want to go along with these advances, you need to have a great deal of adaptability.