Digital CB Business Solutions awarded its Achiever of the Year 2018 award to Mariel Marilao last Tuesday on the 29th of January 2019.

Marilao is the 23-year-old team leader of the company’s Lead Generation department. She is also concurrently studying BS in Accountancy at the University of Mindanao.  

The Achiever of the Year is an annual award given on January to the staff member who the rest of the company believes had the most commendable work ethic during the previous year. They are chosen from that year’s monthly Achievers. Voting is both done by the company’s teams and the administrative department. Minor awards are also given to other nominees who have shown exemplary character.

Marilao was unanimously elected out of nine other nominees for the highest award.

“Choosing the Achiever of the Year is a democratic process here at Coffeebot,” Madrazo remarked. “This works because everyone acknowledges the hard work and accomplishments of their chosen achiever, and I think it strengthens their bond instead of creating a gap between themselves.”

Marilao’s ability to balance her workload and studies with seemingly no effort has caught the attention of Operations Director Jessica Madrazo, Managing Director Peter Perez, and the administration. It has also gained her the admiration of her peers.

“Balancing work and studies — and still having the mental capacity to do well in both — is no easy feat.” Madrazo commented. “She doesn’t let us know, but I’ve noticed from the emails going out that even when we don’t ask her to, she does some quick work outside office hours. She does all that without bringing attention to herself and doesn’t back down from a challenge. ”

Coffeebot’s Administrative Director, Jocelyn Cadigal, explains that the Achiever Award is an essential way to inspire employees not just to work hard but also to build camaraderie with other colleagues.

“Mariel deserves the award because we can all see how she manages her team. She’s able to balance everything despite the fact that she’s still studying,” said Cadigal. “She excels in her work but doesn’t brag about it. I find that admirable.”

Cindy Amahan, the 2017 Achiever of the Year awardee
Cindy Amahan, the 2017 Achiever of the Year awardee

The achiever for the previous year and team leader of the VA department, Cindy Amahan, had nothing but high praise for Marilao.

“I’m so proud of her for setting her goals high and for all her efforts to help the team and company,” Amahan said.

Amahan hopes that Marilao will continue to inspire her colleagues to work hard and, at the same time, enjoy life while they can.

But what does Mariel Marilao herself have to say about all this? With her, there are mincing of words:

“I am humbled and happy to receive the award, and I feel motivated to reach even greater heights with my team and with this company.”

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