Digital CB Business Solutions- CoffeeBot has operated in the confines of our own homes since 2010. We were comfortable and content until we encountered the need to expand our services and enhance our skills. Our clients were happy with what we were doing, but we felt compelled to excel and make a mark in Davao’s BPO industry.

We set up office in Buhangin Davao back in August 8, 2014, and have grown since then. This year, we celebrated our first year anniversary and commemorated our first big move as a business.

What We Learned as a Business

It’s all about the people – We have always been aware that our people are the backbone of our business, and it became even more evident after a year of seeing each other every single day in the office. Strengths and weaknesses were more easily identified, and training became more targeted. Everybody was fast-tracked towards their goals whether it was to focus on social media, to manage, or add on skill-sets.

Systems are Worth the Toil

We were aware that this was a totally new ball game in a sense. We were able to work more cohesively, but it made us more open to interlacing responsibilities and tasks. Aside from training people, we had to spend hours and hours working on a system that was efficient with both the clients and how we worked as a team. It was a slow and painful process, and it’s a continuous improvement, but it’s well worth it. Every spreadsheet, mind map, organizational chart and more led to a smoother and more organized team. I couldn’t be more proud.

Never Burn Bridges

I’ve worked with different clients and staff over the years, and when they found out we were going to finally put up an office, old contacts and network became valuable. Previous clients who wanted a team started contacting and referring us to friends, experts on their own field expressed their interest to work with us. It felt both flattering and humbling at the same time.

Some Risks are Worth Taking

Moving into an office was a risk for the team. We’ve stopped being social for years. But after we took that initial step, we were willing to take more calculated risks, taking on bigger projects, changing the way we do things, working with industries we haven’t tried before. It’s exhilarating, inspiring and makes us want to do more.

There’s Always Room for Growth

In the 1 year we’ve operated in the office, we’ve talked to different people, companies that have been in the Davao Outsourcing world for years, financial experts, trainers, and they’ve all contributed to our growth.

What to Expect in the Years to Follow

We’ve made some mistakes and achievements, and now, it’s time to get the ball rolling. We’re working on being more efficient and effective so we can easily adapt our operations to different clients and scale up better with fewer growing pains. Basically, as a robot, we’re upgrading. It’s not just about growing bigger but getting better.

In the past years, our clients, partners and staff aren’t just our business, they’re family and friends.


Look at all those happy CoffeeBot faces. Happy anniversary everyone!

Look at all those happy CoffeeBot faces. Happy anniversary everyone!

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our loved ones. We wouldn’t have made it without clients who trusted us with their business. We would’t have grown without our partners and staff who have contributed their individual talents and helped us grow.

We look forward to being a better coffeebot thanks to the sum of our parts and all the forces that have put us together. With our first year done, expect a bigger, better, and badder coffeebot next year.