Digital Coffeebot Solutions will be holding its first teambuilding event for its employees on May 12 and 13, 2017. The teambuilding event will be held at Eden Nature Park resort, located at Barangay Eden, Toril District, Davao City for two days.

According to Content Development Consultant and Teambuilding Facilitator Julia Sta. Romana, the management had been planning to hold a teambuilding event for a long time. Teambuilding sessions for workplaces contribute to trust, respect, and communication between employers and employees. It leads to more motivation, better performance, and interaction during work.

Although Coffeebot Solutions employees have been to social outings in the past years, the management felt that there was a now a need for a proper teambuilding session that will serve to build camaraderie among Coffeebot’s growing number of employees.

“The entire team will be able to understand each other’s interest, strengths and weaknesses thus can help improve team performance,” said Cindy Amahan, Coffeebot’s Gringo Team Lead.

It also serves as a morale booster and much-needed breather from the daily pressures of the working life.

“I’m excited for a chance to learn new things about work and about other people in the team,” added Wennelle Baldo, a Content Writer.

As Coffeebot Solutions expands, creating good synergy between its employees is needed now more than ever. The company also wishes to avoid the high turnover rate that is becoming more prevalent in many workplaces today.

Aside from salary reasons, high turnover rates can be caused by boredom, poor management, lack of trust, and little engagement between employers and employees. Coffeebot’s planned teambuilding activities can help prevent  these from happening to their virtual assistants team, and can be instrumental to the future growth of the office and the employees.

This is Coffeebot Solution’s first teambuilding event since its corporate office was founded in 2014.  Before that, it started out as a small scale home-based outsourcing company by a few select individuals.