Branding is a serious issue for businesses, and we found ourselves in the same dilemma just a few months ago. Our market was changing, and we couldn’t just stand still and not face those changes. And I thought, what perfect way to start our new blog but to talk about reinventing your brand.

Re-asses and Reinvent Your Branding

When it comes to brands, perpetuity isn’t the most important factor. And the more capable you are to adjust to the season, the more likely your brand is to survive. Remember that no matter how great your current brand is, if it caters and appeals to no one, you’re really nothing but just a really good idea that nobody can use, like diet water or a steering wheel desk tray.

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Stick with the good and get rid of the bad

Your brand is a representation of your product or your business. And when redesigning it, you don’t have to go farther than what you currently have. After all, you did place a lot of thought into it. All you have to do is simply to use the good that you already have and focus on that. The aspects of your branding that isn’t working, you either get rid of, or replace. Sounds simple enough. The pitfall here is, people tend to cling on anything that has contributed something to your business. When you find yourself in this situation, simply keep your eyes stuck to your goals, and what that would bring in the future.


Lucky for you, social media has provided us with tools to get immediate feedback. Try creating two pages to experiment on which one appeals to your market more. Facebook has insights that will show you which posts are more popular, the gender of your fans, and even the age bracket of those who like your page. If you prefer more detailed reports, you can use different tools like sprout or trackalyse.

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Don’t burn yourself out

When trying to thing of ways to improve your brand, don’t just focus on the technical aspect of things. This may contradict with the previous item study, but studying just gives you the business perspective of things. Branding is all about grabbing attention, being unique and keeping your market engaged. You won’t do that by merely recycling things. You need new ideas, inspiration and a breath of fresh air. Try reading fiction, taking a break, or appreciating new art. You may just find that unexpected approach and angle that could be the new best thing in your field.