Coffeebot held their annual team building event last May 31 to June 1 at Eden Nature Park.

Along with Operations Director Jessica Madrazo and Managing Director Peter Perez, the employees from the Lead Generation, SEO, Content, and Administration departments participated in the team building activities.


The Importance of Team Building

Peter Perez, Managing Director

“The goal for this team building is to create new energy between teams and members,” Perez said. “This is a reset button of some sort because it can sometimes become so stressful in the office.”

The team building activity also aims to encourage employees to build good relationships with each other and generate better office morale. It reinforces the importance that the company directors place on everyone being able to take breaks, giving themselves time to decompress from the pressures of work.

Ms. Arlene De Vera, Team Building Facilitator

Dr. Arlene De Vera facilitated, prepared, and oversaw the activities that were to help Coffeebot’s staff to grow closer and get to know each other better.



Team Building Proper

The first activity was held that afternoon after a quick snack upon arrival. It had all staff members and directors put themselves into groups by department.

From there, each group dissected internal issues within the team, whether work-related or personal, and explored different levels of cause and effect.

The second activity was done accordingly after. It had a more individual approach at evaluation. Questionnaires, which were handed out and answered prior to the event, were used to assess different personality types, and each one was broken down and explained.

Dr. De Vera also explained each one’s corresponding traits, and the best approach for each type when it comes to work and even personal matters.

After a leisurely dinner, the third and final team building activity began. Envelopes containing pieces of paper were passed around, and everyone was to write things they liked about the person labeled on the envelope, and things they’d recommend for changing.


Everyone was given enough time to read the contents of their envelopes and each person was given an opportunity to speak in front of everyone, and express their thoughts and reactions on what their colleagues wrote.

Reactions ranged from being pleasantly surprised to unravelling deep emotion. All in all, the company saw sides of each other, establishing closer connections.

By lunchtime the following day, the awarding of the achiever for the month of May was held, during which, Jen Congreso of the SEO team was granted the title.


The Impact

“It was an eye-opener and inspirational in the sense that you now have a point of view when it comes to responding to a colleague’s personality,” says Congreso, who has been with Coffeebot for a good two years now.

The Team

Coffeebot, as a company, has always been about putting in a healthy balance of work and play.  From occasional karaoke nights and playing sports on the weekends, to watching the latest Marvel movie together, the latest team building event is just one of the many efforts of the company to strengthen bonds with each other and establish a fun work-play dynamic.

“I’m really thankful that our company has bosses that treat us like family,” says Administrative Director Jocelyn Cadigal. “I hope that we maintain [this team building event] as a family tradition because it’s a nice way to make everyone feel that they are part of the family.”

All in all, Coffeebot’s 3rd annual team building event was a success. With new perspectives on each other and their roles within the company, the company’s staff and administrators are sure to face the rest of 2019 and any coming work obstacles with a fresh perspective and a greater sense of camaraderie.

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