Digital CB Solutions continues to branch out to Facebook Live as they released CoffeeBreak with CoffeeBot episode 2.  In the episode, they talked about the popular TV series Game of Thrones, and their thoughts on Microsoft’s recent purchase of LinkedIn.

For the second episode, CoffeeBot’s Content Development Team leader Julia Jasmine Sta. Romana and Operations Director Jessica Madrazo were joined by the company’s Virtual Assistant Supervisor, JR de Castro. The discussion opened on the topic of then-recently-released Game of Thrones Season 6’s Episode 8.

De Castro recalled some of the episode’s highlights, one of which was when a member of the High Sparrow was beheaded by Cersei’s protector as a form of defense. He also noted that Arya, who was once presumed dead, has in fact returned alive. De Castro also mentioned about Daenerys’, who he jokingly called “Daeny”, return to the pyramids along with the Dothraki warriors all ready to fight with her.

De Castro, Sta. Romana, and Madrazo went on to discuss about Tyrion and Varys, as well as the start of Varys’ journey to Dorne. Madrazo explained to Sta. Romana that Varys and Tyrion were actually, the “Lord of the Rings” of Game of Thrones due to the kind friendship that they have.

As they moved on to the main topic that was Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn, Madrazo, De Castro and Sta Romana agreed that it was a huge step for Microsoft and LinkedIn. Madrazo noted that it has been an ongoing trend that something messes up whenever Microsoft buys off other major companies.

She mentioned that a few days after it was purchased by Microsoft, Skype’s system crashed years ago. Madrazo also noted about the company’s broken promise as the Skype automatic translator which the company promised has not seen the light of day yet until now.

De Castro, on the other hand agreed that the purchase was a pretty big step for Microsoft as they’re slowly getting behind other leading internet companies. Sta. Romana explained that Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn was, in a way, understandable since the social media company previously purchased Lynda.

Lynda, an online teaching company, did not bring positive financial effects to LinkedIn after it was purchased.  Moreover, she added that LinkedIn’s expensive premium version also likely resulted to lack of sufficient revenue for the company to stand on its own even when it was packaged with Lynda.

Madrazo commented that 26 billion was quite a big price for LinkedIn. But Sta. Romana contradicted by saying that LinkedIn was actually sold at a considerable price given that it included Lynda. She said that if Microsoft uses its cards right, they could strengthen the brand by integrating it with Microsoft Professional.

However, she noted that Microsoft would have to work on strengthening LinkedIn’s user base as it falls far behind Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram’s enormous number of users. Sta. Romana also added that LinkedIn’s security features is also one area that needs to be improved as the site has slowly been infiltrated by spammers, and in one occasion in the past, a security hack.

Madrazo noted that LinkedIn’s advertising plans could also be worked on since many marketers and corporations find it quite heavy on the pocket. She also mentioned that like Skype, LinkedIn also recently crashed a few days after it was purchased by Microsoft.

She concluded that LinkedIn hopefully retains its strong areas as it continues to be a useful avenues especially for people in the marketing and advertising world. Sta. Romana added that with the recent purchase, Microsoft can use LinkedIn to sell their products. They can also use it and Lynda to market the use of Microsoft, in order to regain monopoly in the industry. The ladies also suggested that Microsoft can maximize LinkedIn’s Slide Share which proved to be a very useful tool for its followers.

The episode was concluded by De Castro’s statement that the purchase was a big but beneficial move for Microsoft. He said that such step was more of an attempt from LinkedIn to reach more people as they are they are getting left behind by social media networks. Madrazo added that such attempt could work well for Microsoft as they’ve been trying to get into the social media world in the past but never really made considerable progress.

“CoffeeBreak with CoffeeBot Ep 2- Microsoft Purchases LinkedIn” was published on CoffeeBot’s  Facebook account (@coffeebotoverlord), as well as on its Youtube channel. They are also on Twitter under the handle @Coolcoffeebot.