Most business websites have put up banners, pop-ups, or designated tabs to reflect the approaches that they are taking during the pandemic. While compassionate and sensitive word choices may seem like the only factor to consider for your website or at least the banner for COVID-19 response, color choice must not be taken for granted.

To select a suitable palette for this, considering the help of a website design company service in Davao would be a smart move.


What Colors Should Be Avoided


Usually associated with hostility, danger, and anger, certain bold and striking warm hues of red, yellow, and orange are not advisable. We would want the pandemic response banner to help ease the worries of customers visiting the website and not agitate them further. If warm colors are inevitable since it is a part of your branding, website design services could recommend limiting the areas with these colors, or trying a muted palette, pastel counterpart or a monochromatic black and white choice.

Check out Coca-cola’s news page for COVID-19 and see how the black text effectively evokes a formal mood without losing its branding through some minimal elements of red and letting the right images contribute to show its iconic company color.


Suggested Colors for the COVID-19 Response Center or Website Banner


Cool colors dominate this list–blue, green, and purple often evoke calmness and a sense of wisdom, as well as projecting trust, peace, healing, and inspiration. However, be careful as their toned down versions and muted shades can remind a person of the feeling of sadness or indifference. To avoid this, website design services carefully examine the color wheel and usually pair the cool colors with white which is linked to safety, cleanliness, and freshness.

For instance, Apple’s COVID-19 Screening Tool is predominantly black and white for a sense of formality and safety, with elements of blue for its buttons, boxes, and some texts to keep the user calm while answering and gain trust in the efficiency of the tool.



The need to order products and avail of services could also urge people to learn about how your business is holding up in these challenging times and what measures you have done to help fortify safety precautions. Beyond that, you will also want to ensure that you leave a lasting impression on potential clients. This is why it is vital that your website helps provide a break from the monotony of quarantine, a sense of relaxation and certainty, and delivers a compassionate message that matches your brand well.

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