Digital marketing in the Philippines has risen significantly in recent years. With our high internet activity and penchant for social media usage, the online world is rife with opportunities for businesses seeking to improve their sales and expand their reach. While the current pandemic has significantly reduced the capacity for businesses to operate properly, it has also increased the number of Filipinos online. This is the right time for small businesses to start working on their digital marketing.


On Email and Social Media

Email marketing is a tried and tested method for accumulating leads and developing them into buyers. Social media is a bit newer, but has tremendous reach and can be used to spread word about your product and business. While it is easy to assume that email is old and shouldn’t be given much thought, especially in today’s social media-heavy climate, email continues to be the top method for lead generation. The best approach is to tie your email marketing campaigns with your social media plans.


Synergizing your emails, social media and website

Your email campaigns and social media plans should have the end-goal of developing a lead into a customer, usually by directing them to your website so that they purchase your product there. Rather than relying on them separately, you can synergize your digital marketing efforts to improve your chances at gathering/converting leads. Here are some suggestions.

Adding social buttons to your emails: This gives your leads the option to either visit your social media pages, which generates more interest, or encourages them to share your written email content, which creates more exposure.
Plugging your email on your social media posts: When making your social media calendars, you can have one scheduled post encourage people to subscribe to your email newsletter.
Encouraging site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and to follow you on social media: Exactly what it says on the tin. You can add it to your blog posts or such in order to develop their interest in your product or brand.


Synergizing your emails and social media to develop leads might take some work, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it. Coffeebot Solutions can help you set up your email marketing campaigns and social media calendars in this time of increased online activity. Let us help you out.