As I have previously mentioned in one of my articles, web designing or programming is a work of art. It may not be made of acrylic, water color or oil but it can be considered an art because there are designs and colors involve. However, when creating a web design one has to be conscious of several factors. For today we will focus on the consistency of a web design.

How can one know that the web design is consistent? Here are some tips that you need to do to follow consistency in the web design.


When we want to attract people, the first things we consider are colors. They are the first ingredient that can make your work alive. However, we have to choose colors carefully because each business has suitable color schemes for the websites. If your client is a fashion house or a clothing store, then try to consider the use of bold colors. But if you are going to design for office equipment or machinery, then colors should be more subtle and earthly. Then again, you can consult your client for this so that both of you will end up happy with your work.


Graphics should be appropriate for the product or service you are trying to sell. One also has to consider the demographic of the people who will visit your websites. However, the first thing that you need to work on is your logo so that it can be easily identifiable and unique only to you.


It is so easy to get crazy with using different fonts. But one has to remember to stay consistent. This is necessary so that the web visitors would not feel bombarded with many different fonts that they encounter every time they will go to the different parts of your website.

Rea Seludo
Rea Seludo