Content is the fuel for lead generation efforts. –Dayna Rothman

Lead generation is about gathering potential customers and clients, get them to listen to you talk about your business, and convince them that you are the right company, or that you have the right product that will address a problem they are facing. There are many ways to go about this: from improving your web design and landing pages, to tapping to social media channels. But content will always be part of it.


It’s because people need to see your relevance to them. Local business lead generation is about talking to the right people and making them see that you are valuable to them, or that you have something they will be interested in. What is content, anyway?

Content is the copy of your ad, the design elements of your landing page, the subject of your blog posts and how they are written. Content is what you share on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. It’s what you put in newsletter. And for a business whose goal is to grow, your content should be geared on this: Engaging your audience.

How do you do this? Here are a couple of ways you can use content marketing to get local business leads.

Produce Great Blog Posts

This is particularly crucial because before any potential customer buys into anything you offer, they will check you out. They will see if you know your stuff, if you are an authority in the industry where your belong. If they like what they see, they will want to be updated if you will post something new. They will sign up for your newsletter.

Offer a Free E-book

You’ve probably heard this too many times, and it’s a common practice because it makes sense. If you can offer what a potential customer is looking for in a e-book that you offer for free (and is actually of value, of course), they are likely to give you their e-mail address or sign up for your newsletter to look for more. More of the things that are valuable to them that they can get from you.

It gives people the impression that, if you are willing to give this much information and expertise for free, then there must be something even better if they sign up for more.

Fix Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages in your site where users are likely to find themselves in for the first time. More often it’s the homepage, sometimes it’s the page you link when you run ads, or when you promote in social media. Whatever it is, it’s to have a great pitch and a call to action.

What are the elements of a good landing page?

  • Great design. Your landing pages need to be user-friendly, and is visually compelling to make them stay. People are more likely to close the tab if the page looks ugly or all over the place.
  • A persuasive headline. This is probably the first chunk of text they see and it has to excite the viewer. It has to be something immediately relevant to your target audience.
  • A compelling pitch. This is the paragraph below your headline. Keep it short. You are going to be judged in seconds, so make it good. If it’s too long, the audience will be bored.
  • A sign up form with a call to action. Whatever it is you’re offering, your opt-in form needs to be immediately visible. And it helps if you have a creative call-to-action.

Everything mentioned above has something to do with great content. You should never be satisfied with a mediocre pitch. You have to look for the experts. Thankfully, we can help you with that.