Businesses use Facebook as a platform for brand awareness, marketing research, and building their audience. Many entrepreneurs only know the three basic types of Facebook advertisements – photo, video, and messenger ads.

But did you know that there is actually a multitude of other formats that Facebook ads service providers utilize to deliver unique and innovative advertisements?

Let’s learn more about these cool ad formats that can help your company’s presence on the world’s biggest social media platform.


facebook ads



The carousel allows you to display up to ten images or videos in a single advertisement. This type of ad is best used when a business:

  • Wants to feature more than one product or service – this works as a good advertisement to present several choices to its audience. Remember, whenever you give more options to your customers, it makes your company appear more reliable.
  • Wants to put the spotlight on a product or service’s features. Through carousel ads, customers will be able to learn about your products or services with a swipe. Bonus tip: you can select one image chopped up into parts that highlight specific selling points.
  • Wants to tell a story – When you utilize this type of ad as a way to tell a story that resonates with your audience, it encourages them to swipe until the end.
  • Wants to give direction or process to its audience – they are very useful when you wish to guide your audience on, for example, assembling a product or give them a tour of what’s inside your establishment.

For business owners who are still building their names online, using carousel ads to your maximum advantage will definitely get you to the top in no time!


Slideshow ads can be alternatives for videos. These useless data and can be played across any device. They are best used when you want to:

  • Create ads directly from your business page or your phone – using Facebook’s wide range of stock photos and video editing tools, your staff don’t have to use complicated software to create your ads.
  • Reach out to users with a slow or unstable internet connection – slideshow ads are five times more data-efficient than video ads. This means that your audience can watch your ads without having to wait for them to finish loading.

Facebook’s slideshow ads are very promising for entrepreneurs. It can draw in a surge of followers through the ads’ quick and data-saving features.




Playable are interactive ads used for promoting games and applications. They leverage experiential marketing strategy to find leads. These advertisements are best used when you want to:

  • Have your product previewed immersively – using playable apps will enable customers to play or use your app in their newsfeeds.
  • Allow the target audience to test an app – this gives an opportunity for customers to test your app and give reviews to ensure the application’s usability.
  • Look for new players and customers – playable ads market your app through driving interest and providing fun to your possible users.

As a digital entrepreneur, this is your chance to give your target audience an immersive experience on how your application works. It’s a good way to build your brand’s reputation online.

Your Facebook business page needs to be provided quality ads to boost its chances of success. A virtual assistant service company like CoffeeBot Solutions can help you with that. Contact us, and let’s talk about your business over a cup of coffee.