It’s 2018, lots of aspects in business, technology, and digital marketing have evolved. From Facebook’s change in their newsfeed algorithm to Hootsuite letting you schedule posts, there are many updates to consider when creating an effective online marketing strategy.

Despite all, however, one thing remains vital when it comes to establishing a connection with your customer, and that’s effective customer support. Here’s the breakdown on the importance of customer support for businesses who want to make a good online impression today and the tools you can use to improve it.

Why customer support needs more attention

Today’s consumers place high value on genuineness

Emotional intelligence in support agents will definitely pay off big as it’s not enough to plainly address a customer concern anymore; you have to show the customer that you understand what they’re going through and you want to make sure they don’t encounter that issue anymore.

Moreover, it also helps to actively follow up on your customers and seek their feedback on your service. This shows that you’re not simply after a transaction, but that you care for the customer’s experience, too.

It’s easy for customers to share experiences

In this age of easy documentation and sharing, it’s not unusual to encounter posts calling out businesses they’ve had bad experiences with. These posts could end up with hundreds if not thousands of shares, plus extra horror stories from other disappointed clients in the comments section.

Consequently, a good experience post can do a business a lot of good. With one good experience can come positive stories, site visits, and best of all, sincere recommendations, which customers love and provide you with the kind of exposure you need.

The more channels, the better

If you have a page on Facebook or Instagram, chances are they’ll make inquiries or place concerns then. Customers don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to switch channels or by inconsistent/difficult communication with customer support.

Whichever channels you have your business on, it’s important to have a support agent ready to take on queries quickly, accurately, and consistently on each of them.


Tools you should be using for customer support

Social media

Social media platforms are the go-to for any customer seeking help. It’s the easiest way for customers to reach out to businesses since virtually any business has at least one social media page.

With commenting and chat functions, social media is the best bet for real-time addressing of customer concerns. It’s quick, it can be recorded for future reference, and it helps you connect with customers on a platform they’re comfortable with.

And it doesn’t end there; it can also be used to direct customers to your site or customer support email should they need additional support or if they are to fill out necessary forms.



Email is another great customer support tool that business would do good to employ.

While not as real-time-oriented as social media, it lets you do a lot more with your content, and it’s a more convenient platform for more formal transactions that include letters, contracts, and files since email allows you to attach several at once.

It also allows you to place interactive content that users can click then and there, so it’s a lot more convenient when it comes to survey or order forms since users just have to click a button and they’ll be redirected right away.

Your actual website

Your business’s own website is another vital point to make the most of when it comes to your customer support.

Links to your social media pages, to your customer support line or email, and even a frequently asked questions (FAQ) makes a world of difference when it comes to making things convenient for customers.

It’s also the perfect place to provide contact forms that can help you keep in touch with customers.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. For businesses who wish to stay on top of things, it’s important to evolve along with trends, and for customer support services to never get left behind.

In order to make sure that trends are kept up with and that no other aspects are sacrificed, outsourcing your needs to a good digital marketing agency that can help your build a good online reputation not only in terms of customer support, but other marketing aspects as well.

Isabelle Arizola
Isabelle Arizola
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