Each of us has different talents that we can harness. There are writers, artists, painters and actors among us. If we believe that talent are born and not made, then the majority of us would have no talents at all. I believe that each of us can do different skills if only we put our minds into it. Content writers are made not born.

Some might think that writing can be very difficult if you do not have enough imagination. Guess what, everything can be learned. If you have enough time and patience then you can be skilled content writer in due time. Even the best writers in the world had to go through difficult times before they finished their masterpiece.

Open Mind

The first thing that you need to remember is to keep an open mind. What do I mean about this? It means that you need to absorb everything. There is no negative and positive. Just absorb anything that you see and read. Developing your ideas will come later. Avoid judgment and opinions because it can hinder you from accepting a certain idea.

Write Everything

When you think that you are ready, and then write all the impressions that you have on all the things that you were able to read. This is the time to put in your ideas, opinions, criticism and other things that you would want to write about. This will help you prepare to thinking of topics that you can use for your content writing.


There are really no hard and fast rules when you do content writing. Unless you are given strict instruction to do such and such, then the world is your oyster. You can experiment with words, ideas and topics. The main thing is do not be afraid. The worst that could happen is they would not like what you did and you are asked to re-write.