Type the words “facebook advertising” on your search engine and you’ll be bombarded with articles on how easy it is to do it yourself. There is some truth to it. Yes, you can learn advertising on Facebook in a day if you’re really determined. And if you do everything yourself you’ll be able to advertise to your market at the fraction of the cost of a TV ad.

This is good if you just want to try your hand at social media marketing. But if you’re planning to invest serious money in marketing your business online, it might be better to hire a digital marketing agency instead. Here are 3 reasons why:


Facebook ads must be strategized for it to be effective. This sponsored post by The New York Times has a unique and catchy slogan to set itself apart from other publications.

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The basics of advertising on Facebook are easy to do. But if we’re going to look into details, you’ll see that running a Facebook campaign actually involves a lot of moving parts. Do you know what keywords you’re going to use? Have you identified your market segment? Who’s going to do the monitoring? Do you have different ads or posts ready in case Facebook doesn’t approve your ads?

To get the most out of your Facebook ad dollars, you have to think strategically. Yes, boosting that post that’s getting the most engagement will get you more followers but is it going to get you what your business needs: more customers? Is that post going to get more people to go into your shop or ask about your products and services?

As a digital marketing service provider, we don’t just look at page likes and post engagement. When we do advertising, our goal is for that ad to do what our client needs. This means designing each ad or post to serve a purpose and monitoring them so that every dollar spent goes toward achieving that goal.


Facebook makes it so easy to spend for advertising. A few dollars here to boost this today. A few more dollars tomorrow.

Before you know it you’ve spent thousands on several promoted posts and ads that’s been running for a week.

We’ve heard horror stories like this from clients, friends and even other advertising agencies on how easy it is for your marketing costs to go out of hand. It’s easy to overspend on Facebook ads because it’s so affordable to run them. And that’s the just the ads.

When you do Facebook ads by yourself, it’s easy to disregard how much time and money you’ve spent on creating these ads which should be factored into your marketing budget.

You don’t want to be like Gru in this pic who doesn’t have money left to invest in more important things. Marketing should be cost-effective.

As a marketing agency, we plan Facebook ad campaigns ahead of time and to consider all the costs in ad creation and monitoring. We do this to ensure that everything is within budget and there are no unexpected expenses incurred.

Return of Investment

When people do Facebook advertising on their own, they often neglect to measure their ROI. Maybe because some of them think that the cost is too negligible to even bother. But sadly, in most cases, people don’t measure their advertising ROI because they don’t know how to do it! But as your business grows, every cent you put into advertising has to come with returns.

When you work with a digital marketing agency, this process is part of the package. So you don’t have to worry if you’re getting your money’s worth. You will get your money’s worth because that’s our goal when you work with us.