Search Engine Optimization for Google is like the Bermuda Triangle. When you think you’re close to understanding it, some other unexplained phenomenon happens. From Panda, Penguin, Caffeine, Hummingbird, and Pigeon, we are always caught off guard and we end up conducting an extra special meeting to discuss updates and secret files on it that might be helpful. We study how it affects us and our clients, and then just suck it all in.

One of the most popular and grueling strategies that has been used before is creating a Private Blog Network. However, after Penguin 2.1, questions have been raised and experts have been put to the test.

So, as a Virtual Assistant Company that offers SEO as one of its main services, what say do we have on the PBN? Our in-house SEO Expert, Lemuel Asibal always said that “when it comes to SEO, the more tiring and intricate your strategy, the better. If it’s easy, it won’t work”. And because his SEO strategy, particularly unique PBN setting up process is laborious to say the least, it has lasted the most recent Google updates so far.

Our conclusion is, yes it does work, but you should be willing to sweat it out. So with the proper strategy in place, comes another question, do we have enough time and man power to optimize more than 1 site?

More than having a lot of man power, one key that’s often overlooked in a lot of Virtual Assistant SEO companies is having a workable system. Meaning, don’t force a client to work with you on a single unmodifiable process, and don’t just depend on the client’s plan. That’s what experts are for after all.

Our PBN SEO Requisites

  1. Content– We need to have a lot of really good content. This is one thing we absolutely demand. We do however, have two options. Either you need to be able to churn out enough quality content that we advise, or you allow our team to create that content for you.
  2. Tier 1 Sites– We need to be able to control all Tier 1 sites which would mainly link to your main site/s. This may mean letting go of your control. We know you’ve exerted a lot of effort on these, but understand that a slight mistake can lead to bad links going to your site, or an abused link pattern. Generating links from other quality sites considered as T1, which we don’t have control over, is expected to happen but that’s just a bonus.
  3. Tier 2 and 3 Sites-This is basically setup like Tier 1 sites but the focus of where to link to is not the main site/s but the T1 sites instead. Sites belong to this group are meant for strengthening T1 sites, and the Tier 3 level of strengthening the SEO campaign by generating backlinks for T2 sites.Yes, they are still very important, and we still need to be able to control that.
  4. Link Control– Some may ask, if I make other links, what does that have to do with your PBN. If you want to know you’re getting your money’s worth, it’s best to stick to a single strategy. If any bad links are created during our campaign, we want to know we’re responsible for it, so we know how to fix it. But, if we’re not, and your site rank goes down, it upsets that too, and we’ll fix it, but it’s going to take us longer.
  5. Your Main site– SEO isn’t just pointing links to your site, even if you argue that the only thing you want from us is a PBN, we can’t guarantee you’ll get its full benefits if your site isn’t optimized for these things.


Our Process

We won’t delve into our actual strategy, but we will however, show you the Basic 1, 2, 3 of how we work on PBN sites for different clients, and how our system works well with any budget.

  1. Consultation– We do not touch anything until we’ve discussed what your goals are and how your current site is doing on search engines. We want our work to be directed towards the same goals you have.
  2. Site analysis– Because your website is the core of all of this, we have to make sure it is in tip top shape, and will recommend what to do with it, and how long it will take.
  3. Keyword research– This is where we find out how you’re doing, and what you’re up against.
  4. Planning– This will be the marriage of keyword targets, your website and the tier sites, where we build a solid and scheduled plan, based on the goals and budget.
  5. Creating the Tier sites– We purchase domains and set it up to be a quality site where people would also want to go for resources on your topic, product, or service.
  6. Creating quality content– Our writers start researching and creating awesome material that we can re-purpose any time, the kind of quality you and anybody else would want to share on any social media platform.
  7. Share it on social media– We start spreading the word on a more personal sense, attracting more people and potential customers to go to your website.


Every business has different goals, competition and budget. That’s why the core of our process is flexibility. The only way to make this SEO effective and budget friendly is proper documentation.

Why Our Document First System is the Bomb

google baby penguin-seoWith SEO, or with any other virtual assistant services, training one person to do it all is a recipe for disaster. In order to ensure maximum quality without raising the rates of the board, we have created a production line system that’s guided by process documentation.

Truth be told, it’s not something you see in every outsourcing company. Documentation requires a project manager that’s completely devoted to your project during onset, laying out hours that wouldn’t be necessary if documentation wasn’t required. It requires long meetings to make sure we have that process absolutely flawless, and then implement it between a variety of people with different expertise. The end product of course, will blow your mind.

In a very delicate project such as Private Blog Networks, the smallest details matter the most, but balanced attention needs to be spread out among size, speed, and budget. Would you hand the project over to a company that doesn’t every single step already in place?