Businesses today are constantly finding ways to promote their brand to a larger market. Undoubtedly, money will have to spent, but it doesn’t have to be all the time. There are ways wherein costs are minimal while the benefits are high. The perfect example for this are e-mail marketing campaigns and social media campaigns. They are indeed a must for every business because they can contribute greatly to its success. Here’s how:

Increase brand awareness

When a prospect receives an e-mail from your company, your brand is already being exposed. With proper strategizing and considering the amount of e-mails you send out, you are actually getting a lot of exposure. This is also similar for social media where content is easily shareable. If a person likes one of your posts, their friend may also see their activity. It’s very simple. If your content is interesting or worthy enough, they might forward your e-mail or share your post to people they know as well, easy and high conversion rate right there.


Writing e-mails and sending them to a list of prospects costs no money at all, it only takes a bit of your time. Even if twenty percent of them gets ignored, for example, you still got the eighty percent without spending a penny.

Social media is free. Everyone’s using it. Your little cousin even has a social media account their parents made for them. There’s really no harm in using it to promote your business. The only time you are going to be spending money is when you want to take your social media campaign to the next level and create a paid Facebook ad, and even then you are still reaping lots of benefits relative to its cost.

Humanizes your company

With e-mail marketing campaigns and social media, you can easily build trust with your customers. You can personalize your e-mails, and every social media interaction is unique. They like to feel that they are conversing with a human and not a robot. If your customer service skills are good enough and you are able to make them satisfied, chances are, they will be loyal to your company and they will keep coming back.

Measurable results

Of course, numbers are important to know if your campaign efforts are actually making an impact. Analytics for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and as well as e-mails are easily available. You can use it to improve your future campaigns and better target the market’s needs.

The return of investment of e-mail marketing campaigns and social media campaigns is quite high, so there is really no reason for your business not to be employing them. It’s important for businesses to be grabbing great opportunities for marketing like these for them to reach success.