Relevant and quality content is king of the internet, and a properly optimized website with great content is a win for any business. If your business has a website, you might want to optimize it to its fullest potential, especially when you want to attract more customers or site visitors. Whether you employ an SEO virtual assistant or try it yourself, there are plenty of ways to create an effective SEO strategy.

But what exactly can make your website well-optimized for search engines? We explore the elements of a great on-page SEO here.

Page Title

The Page Title is the title you see at the top of your browser window and the title you see Any properly optimized website has a page title. In fact, the page title might just be the most important element of any on-page SEO.

The most effective page titles include keywords and are below 70 characters. For small businesses, you might want to include your brand’s name on every page title so users will be able to remember and recognize your brand more easily.

Meta Description

A meta description is a short description of a link found on search engines below the link. This group of words can attract any user’s attention, and can tell more about why a user should click the link.

A good tip is to include your keywords in your meta description to attract more site visitors, though it might not promise a change in your search engine rank.


Headings are quite literally, headings of sub topics on your website. These are likely larger in text, and search engines tend to read these as keywords versus the rest of the text on any page.


The whole bulk of your website should be your content. Web content is the heart and soul of any effective SEO strategy, whether you choose to employ any kind of strategy.

Because Google can now analyze relevant content over relevant keywords, it’s become clear that searches are becoming smarter. While your content should still contain relevant keywords to amp your SEO, it should also be substantial and helpful to web visitors.


SEO strategies change as much as trends do, so do your research and be up-to-date as much as you can!

Employing different strategies for your website’s SEO can range from whatever demands search engines may have or whatever the trends are now. For instance, one of the rising trends in SEO is voice search, which has prompted several competitors in the field (including Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple Home, and Microsoft Cortana) to amp their game.


Properly optimized websites with great content are the key to a winning SEO strategy. Don’t worry if it feels a little overwhelming now. Beginners and even experts need a little help! So if you need some assistance, there’s always an SEO agency in Davao ready to help you out.