I have been following this reality based television show for quite a while. This year they added some changes to the program to add more excitement. They added a social media factor that will be part of the contestants score. As a social media user myself, I was curious on how this aspect will affect most of the contestants standing in the contest. Well, I was not really surprise on how powerful the social media can be. There are more deserving contestants that got eliminated immediately because their social media scores were low.

Social media can be a powerful tool in both a positive and negative ways. It can be a positive tool when you use it to coordinate with other people in times of emergencies like the recently concluded hurricanes and typhoons that hit different parts of the world. Through the social media thousands of donations were received and given. It  can also be a way for people to report crimes or wrongdoings. In fact, this is a very useful tool in helping catch crooks or criminals. Whereas before, one has to wait for a reporter to give the news, at present even an ordinary citizen can deliver some news due to the availability of the social media.

On the flip side, it  can also be damaging and negative in some aspects. It can be a tool to use maligning other people. Since we practice the freedom of expression, we can ultimately say what we want to without editing at all. Some hurtful words are exchanged and quarrels erupted due to the social media also.

However you may view it, social media has made a lot of changes in a person’s lifestyle. We are now more informed about the different events that can affect our lives. It has also gave us a voice in which o express ourselves and let our opinion be known.