There are several benefits when hiring a PPC agency to manage your Google ad campaign. Among other things, you can be confident about leaving your ad’s fate to experts and you can focus on core business matters. Reasons like these are precisely why companies are now hiring PPC professionals left and right.

It’s to be considered, however, that not all agencies operate similarly. This is why it’s important to evaluate certain things carefully when working with an agency in managing your campaign.

Here are some evaluation guidelines to help you out.

They don’t over-promise

While confidence in their work is a good thing, promises such as “instant top 3 ranking” or even worse, assurance of the top spot, are red flags that the company may be on the sketchy side.

All experts know that reaching that top spot requires (aside from money) a lot of time. Additionally, an overpromising company will most likely ask for higher payments to match their promise, and you’ll risk ending up with wasted funds.

It’s often safer to go with “humbler” agencies that acknowledge the difficulties of reaching a high rank seeing as they’re more likely to be honest.

They regularly update

It’s expected of these professionals to tell their clients whenever they update. While an agency may tell the client that they’ve checked this and updated and that, this is not an assurance that they’ve actually done it.

Thankfully, Google AdWords has a history feature that lets you check on any changes made to your ad/s. You should see regular changes to match what they’ve told you, if you don’t, however, it may be time to reevaluate your contract with them.

They’ve got initiative

Some agencies, unfortunately, don’t do anything to improve a campaign unless they’re first called out by the client. Agencies are supposed to take initiative on this matter, being active in doing what they can to improve a campaign as soon as they encounter any material that could potentially help the campaign.

Furthermore, a good agency will be responsible in situations of failure. They won’t blame this or that, instead, they’ll tell you what they can do to alleviate the situation.

They help you understand PPC

Pay per click ads can be quite complicated, and some clients may want to actually understand how their ad works and what goes into it, which is only fair since they are paying for it. Some professionals, however, seem to like keeping clients in the dark.

It’s normal for the client, who most likely doesn’t have a background on things like PPC or SEO, to ask a lot of questions. A good agency will not only answer those questions but do so in a way that the client will surely understand. In doing so, they also help their client see where the money is going, helping the client remain confident.

They have experience

Agencies that have no prior experience with managing AdWords, or other PPC platforms for that matter, are a bit risky. While they may know how it works and what’s supposed to happen when using the platform, it’s different when they’re already know and are used to what’s going to happen.

With experience, an agency can better aid issues and may hold additional “industry secret” type information that can help a campaign greatly.

It all basically boils down to a single thought: a good PPC agency cares for the client. When evaluating your agency, see if they take those extra steps to make sure that not only is your Google ad campaign getting clicks, but that you and your business grow.