Six months into the quarantine period and people are still spending more time on social media.

For friends, this means a safer way to hang out and catch up with each other. For shop-a-holics, the marketplace and barter groups feel like paradise. For businesses, this is where your customers are.

This situation suggests that advertising businesses on Facebook is the most effective way to get your message across. However, due to the challenging times that we are all facing today, mistakes might be committed as you run your a on Facebook.


Here Are Some Common Facebook Ad Mistakes and the Tips on How to Avoid Them


1. Having A Very Broad Target Audience

Yes, you do not want to limit a potential demographic that might be interested in your product/service. Who knows, your next buyer might be a bit older or a bit younger than the usual age range that you cater?

However, this strikes a major blow on both time and money. A broad target audience might give you wider reach and better impressions. But, are the leads and follow throughs relevant? Are you willing to go through a lot of unqualified leads before finally reaching one that’s suited for your target?

To avoid this, review your objective, budget, industry and market conditions. The audience that you must be targeting should be specific to the mentioned aspects. Having lesser impressions but more qualified prospects is a lot better.


2. Little To No Creative Quality

According to Nielsen and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, the most influential factor that generates returns from advertising is creative quality, which is responsible for 49% of a brand’s sales.
Powerful visuals, catchy taglines, and witty designs can create greater impact on a customers deciding power.

If you do not exert extra effort on the advertising content you produce, your ad will have no charm and the audience will find it either boring, not worthy of time nor attention, or not even notice it at all.

You can invest in training, workshops, or additional manpower to give your creatives an edge. Also, Consulting a Facebook Ads service provider will help you in producing strong creatives that will serve its purpose of contributing to the overall performance of the ad.


3. Not Setting A Schedule For Your Ads

Running the same ads around the clock leads to overexposing your product or service to your target audience and causes campaign fatigue.

Instead of encouraging your audience to buy, you’re becoming annoying to them and they might eventually associate the behavior of your ad to your actual product or service.

Set a custom schedule for your Facebook Ad, one that takes into consideration the strategic times relevant to your target audience. In this manner, you’re reaching the customers at the most suitable time and limiting the risks and consequences of overexposure.

Run your next Facebook Ad with these things in mind to become one step closer to being a whiz on social media advertising. If you want to learn more about running an ad on social media, talk to Coffeebot Solutions, a Facebook Ads Service Provider.