With Facebook’s latest algorithm update prioritizing content from friends and loved ones on the newsfeed, now more than ever is Facebook business advertising a necessity. It’s harder to get engagements and reach a wider audience now, and businesses could use a boost especially if you have an event, a new product launch, or a seasonal promo.

But how do you create an effective Facebook ad?

Define your audience

This isn’t some vague marketing advice. You have to be pretty specific about for whom your ad is directed at. Facebook offers a variety of targeting options, from location to consumption behavior. This is why you need to have a clear picture of who you’re selling to. It can’t be too general as you will risk targeting people who are not likely to convert into a customer.

The more you know your audience, the likelier it is that you’ll have conversions.

For example, if you’re a coffee shop in downtown Davao, you will want to target students and working professionals. You would input this in the demographic option as men and women, ages 18-40, who are still currently studying, or who currently works as an entrepreneur or insert-professional-titles-here.

Compelling (but appropriate) visuals

On Facebook, images are the most shareable type of content. Your ad will be more effective if you directly show what you’re selling. Don’t  forget to put you trademark materials, such as logos, and we suggest, a footer that has your other social media handles and/or website.

But not all images get airtime. Facebook is quite particular about their guidelines when you promote an ad. For one, it shouldn’t contain any explicit content (no-brainer), and it shouldn’t have too much text. Beyond that, your ad should not include any image that depicts a person’s body as ideal or undesirable.

What happens when you violate these guidelines? Facebook will reject your ad, and you’ll have to re-do designs again. Best if you familiarize yourself with the ad policies. You can also use this tool to determine whether or not your image has too much text before submitting it for approval.

Tell a story through videos

Big companies love using this strategy. A video they produced as a TV commercial can easily be shareable through their social media accounts. But small businesses can do this too. While you may not find it practical to produce a TVC, you can hire a production team or digital marketing specialist to write up a script for a compelling story and produce it as video.

And yes, you can boost videos so that more people can see it. If you’re a local shop, we recommend you use your local language for it to be more relatable.

Clear call to action

While the advice “show, don’t tell” makes sense in art or film, it doesn’t bode well with business. You have to invite your audience to do something about what you promoted; otherwise, they may be confused about what to do.

Whether it’s to send you a message, visit your shop, your website, or like your page, put a clear call to action.

It takes effort to pull off a successful Facebook ad, and it takes strategy. If you ever find yourself in need of help, we know a bunch of people who can do the job right for you.