Back in the day, it was a commodity not many would bother hearing about. Fast forward to a decade or so and Facebook has become the holy grail of the world wide web. From SMEs to blue-chip companies — digital marketers managing their social media accounts use Facebook as a cornucopia for social media marketing. One of the responsibilities you can entrust to your virtual assistant service company is to create lead ads for social media pages.

facebook ad leads

If you are a chief executive officer who finds technological terms very foreign, this article will help you understand the fundamentals of lead ads and why your company should be utilizing it.

What are lead ads?

Lead ads are used to find potential customers who might have taken an interest in your business’s services, products, and offers. This type of advertisement enables your Facebook business page to collect useful data from customers.

According to Facebook’s business page, lead ads will help businesses find your target market with respect to both demographic and psychographic classifications. When done properly, it is instrumental in getting the platform’s users to sign-up and register for your newsletter, services, and programs.

How to customize lead ads?

Another point of distinction for Facebook’s lead ads is its customizable feature. You can easily tailor-fit each ad you run to the current needs of your company.

    • As quick follow-up lead ads, add additional questions for your audience through the use of custom questions. Use the data from your previous lead ads to take on a deductive approach in creating a new set of unique, targeted and valuable ads.
    • For higher quality leads, put on an option in your lead ad to call your business directly. Also, give your audience an option to book an appointment with your enterprise. Lastly, provide a review space for your customers while they fill-out your lead ad.


Make your lead ads stand out.

To build a brand with a massive online presence, create lead ads that stand out. Here are some tips that you can easily apply on your Facebook business page:


    • Make sure that your ads are able to convey the story behind your brand. Ads can only take you so far, but the content that comprises the ad is the defining factor of it.
    • Your lead ads should be simple. Complicated and hard-to-understand ads are often ignored; they can even be dismissed by the Facebook team. Yes, Facebook has evolved into this smart marketing tool, it can identify which ads hold potential, and which ones don’t.
    • Lastly, your ads should reflect the goals and objectives of your brand.

When managing a small business, hiring a lead generation service provider comes in handy for your website. For Facebook, you can utilize lead ads, and you can get the services of the team for lead generation to manage your lead ads. Talk about cost-efficient marketing!