Your go-to platform for the latest gossip, memes and funny videos is now a marketplace too! Facebook marketplace has finally seen the light of day in profiles in the Philippines and sellers are maximizing every feature in it. The new update is giving a new stance to the role of social media for business development.

If you haven’t logged in to your Facebook account, then this is the time for you to log in to your profile to see what we mean. The latest iteration of this Facebook feature can be found just under the messenger tab on desktop, or beside the friend request tab on mobile.

Facebook Marketplace on Desktop and Mobile

Left: Facebook Marketplace on Desktop
Right: Facebook Marketplace on Mobile

Facebook released marketplace 1.0 in 2007 but was later taken out in 2014. The latest version was launched in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand in October 2016 but has now finally reached Asia. If you haven’t explored this feature on Facebook yet, here is a peek at the good and not-so-good that we’ve noticed so far in Facebook’s marketplace.


The good sides


Localized shopping

Facebook Marketplace Location

If you’re looking for sellers 2 to a hundred kilometers from you, Facebook marketplace is perfect for you. It can help you find sellers within your area. You can basically say goodbye now to those pesky shopping fees in other online shopping platforms.


Easy window shopping

Who knew that the time would come that we’ll literally just buy off of our computer screens? That’s exactly what Facebook marketplace is about. Facebook’s latest feature has the ease of “window shopping” as other online shops. Pictures of products are placed according to category and information about it them readily available at the customers’ disposal.


Price range option

Shopping on a budget? No problem! Facebook marketplace allows sellers to find the right commodity that is within their budget through its price’s filters. This makes shopping easier and allows you to find the right product for you faster.


Good exposure for sellers

Facebook marketplace allows users to see the profile of sellers. If you’re a seller, this can be extremely beneficial as it allows the users to find other products that you sell without them having to search for them one by one in the market place.


The not-so-good sides


Seller’s legitimacy

Online shopping fails are so prevalent that others nowadays would rather prefer to buy in a brick and mortar store for their needs over having to find a seller online. As of yet, Facebook hasn’t added a feature (e.g. user-rating system) that can prove each sellers’ legitimacy. This is why a certain degree of caution is still advised when online shopping on the platform


Prices are easy to fake

Facebook Marketplace Fake Prices

There are Facebook sellers who place misleading prices to their product to make them more noticeable. Of course interested buyers will have to send them a message to ask for the real price which can be a bit of a hassle especially if the product turns out to be overpriced, or suspiciously dropped to a very low amount.

The new Facebook feature looks like a good and interesting addition to the mix of features that the platform has for its users. Solo private sellers can use this feature to sell to people that belongs outside their network of friends.

We’re yet to see how this new feature will affect businesses of different scales. However, if you’re an entrepreneur planning to use social media for your business, it would be more beneficial to work with a local company. If you’re around Metro Davao for example, looking for a social media agency in Davao City would be the most efficient and cost-effective way to go.

Having a social media team at your disposal allows you to implement campaigns and create content that’s consistent with your brand message and will appeal to your audience. It also establishes you as a figure of authority in your industry, making your business more reliable and trust-worthy for your customers.