In today’s environment, a digital approach to marketing and business is the way to go if you want your company to keep itself engaged and relevant to its customer base. As an SEO agency in Davao, we’re particularly keen on using the best ways to optimize one’s online presence. Of course, you’ve probably already begun your SEO efforts to boost your website’s popularity and search rankings. However, do you think that it’s enough? Are your SEO plans going well, or do you think that you can improve on them?

There are a few factors that make or break your search engine optimization plans. Prioritizing them can significantly boost your existing SEO plans. Here’s a few factors that you can focus on for better SEO results.

The Bounce Rate of your Websites’ Content Pages


The bounce rate of your website’s pages can let you gauge how interesting or engaging a particular page of content is to your site visitors. A high bounce rate means that something about a webpages’ particular content wasn’t appealing enough, while a low bounce rate (meaning that they took time to absorb the pages’ content) means that there’s something about that particular page’s elements that clicked. Applying the data from this can help you produce better and more engaging material for your website.


Your Heading Tags and Keywords


Heading tags fulfill a variety of functions in content. They help break up large paragraphs into easily digestible parts, they provide your content with a presentable and readable flow, and they boost your SEO rankings. The latter function can be boosted if you add keywords to your heading tags. If it is done so organically (i.e. it doesn’t sound forced), then your heading tags can contribute to better SEO results. In addition, your content should smartly use keywords relevant to your customer bases’ interests, and the more specific the better.

Consider Hiring SEO Company Services


See what we just did there? Anyhow, if you think that your business needs help with your SEO, consider getting the assistance of SEO company services, such as our company, Coffeebot Solutions. Writing content and maintaining websites might take time, so outsourcing such endeavors can greatly help your main team optimize other parts of your business.