I have a confession to make.

When I started writing for this company, I actually had no idea what in the world link building was—or anything related to SEO for that matter.

Believe me, the first time I had to write about it had me sweating bullets. But at the same time, it also had me telling myself to learn more about this new world. Besides, what kind of self-respecting writer doesn’t study the topics they write about? This is a digital marketing firm that has an off-page link building service. I should at least learn the fundamentals, right?

If you’re an owner of a business and you want to outsource this type of job, then you should be familiar with it too. Although you’re not the one doing the work, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to know anything about it. On the contrary, knowing what your outsourcer is doing can help make the output better, since you can now have a good idea of what you to achieve.

So, link building. Keen on familiarizing yourself with it? Well, here’re a few things you’ll want to know:

Link Building Is A Kind Of Off-page SEO Activity

Off-page SEO means anything you do to grown your online presence and drive traffic to your website while not directly optimizing your site. Website optimization is what on-page SEO is all about.

Link-building basically means getting other websites to link to yours via hyperlinks. Links are important because search engines are always on the hunt for them. The more links you have on websites (especially good, reputable ones), the more legitimate you’ll be in the eyes of the search engine. Your standing will also be much better in the search results.

Oh yeah–if someone mentions the term “on page link building”, that’s actually a misnomer.

There Are Different Types Of Link Building

We now know what link building does, but did you know that there several kinds? Some people list down five or more, but we’ll whittle them down to the simplest categories.

Links that you built by yourself

Not a lot of people smile on this practice nowadays, but it still works if you know what you’re doing. This is because this type involves making blog comments, forum posts, press releases and the like that include links leading to your website.  It’s best to use this method with caution, because being too obvious with your self-promotion will often result in being considered as spam.

Links built by reaching out to the websites

This is when you contact blogs and websites and do either of the following:

  1. Request that they link to your website
  2. Pay for them to list your website down

Another method is to submit your website to business directories. This method takes a lot of time, but bu

Links built by websites reaching out to you

Ah, this is the type of link building that feels good when it happens—when websites want to link to yours. No requesting required, no payments to be made. It’s a sign that your company website is a high quality one. All you need is to have great and relevant content that everyone wants to read or watch.

All this is just some basic know-how on link building. If you really want to get into the finer details of both off and on-page link building, it’s gonna take a lot of further studying. But at least you now have some knowledge of what goes on in the process when we do your link building for you, right?

Hannah Villarosa
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