It’s not enough to have a website anymore. you also need to work with a search engine optimization team to ensure that your website is working effectively online. For your website to appear at the top of the search, it needs to appeal to your search engine.

How does it appeal to the search engine? By optimizing it. The search engine, whether it be Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or whatever it is you use, will only pick up what it analyzes to be the best for user experience. If your website isn’t up to par, it will appear on the dreaded second page of the search. Which — fun fact, nobody clicks on.

As the best web design company in Davao, we’ve identified the five characteristics of an optimized website:


Optimized Website

1.) Fast loading time

Your page speed will directly impact how users perceive your website. Internet users, regardless of how fast their wifi connection is, want their websites loaded on the click. The longer you keep them waiting, the more they’ll decide to click out of your website and find somewhere else to browse. You lose both traffic and opportunities. Speed is one of the primary factors in SEO ranking, keep tabs on that.

2.) Relevant content

Nobody wants to watch Youtube videos from 2008 or spend time looking at Pepe the Frog memes unless that’s precisely what they’re after. Keep your content relevant. Internet users are out to see the latest news and the most recent updates on the ever-changing landscape of the internet, don’t disappoint your viewers by not uploading fresh content. And if possible, attach previews to your full post, so people have an idea of what they’re getting into.

3.) Responsive to different modalities

One of the biggest turn-offs a website can have is when it looks good on PC but horrible on mobile. As a web developer, you need to remember that not everybody has access to every gadget. You need to take into consideration that people all over the world could potentially be viewing your website from a different device. It’s your job to make sure that your website looks good on an iPhone XR and an old PC that’s still powered by, say, Windows XP.

mobile friendly site

4.) Security with sensitive information

If your website requires users to input their personal or financial information, you need to give them the assurance that their data is protected and that their privacy is safeguarded through encryption. For example, when users create a password, make sure the characters are masked. Otherwise, you’re asking for trouble, and the search engine will mark your website as not secure. In layman’s term, there’s no getting in.

5.) User-friendly

We’re not saying less is more. In fact, more could be good at times. But if your users can’t navigate through your website without getting lost, then you have a problem. Your website should be clear and straightforward. Put your links where they should be, use buttons for emphasis, and don’t underestimate the power of an online instruction manual.

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