Business to business (B2B) marketing usually relies heavily on acquiring leads in order to generate sales. Yes, generating leads is easy. However, even if you have a lot of leads, you literally get nothing if they don’t convert. That is why getting a high-quality lead that is a definite prospect for conversion is something that you should look for, in order to save time, money, and effort.


Here Are Some Tips For You to Get the High Quality Leads You Are Looking For


Recognizing Leads vs. Inquiries

As a business, we might get inquiries from here and there, and it’s important that we should be able to recognize the difference between a raw inquiry (a contact initiated by your marketing team) or a potential lead. Always check for fake accounts or contact information, especially from the people that are not part of your target audience. Only take leads with legit and valid information to put on the lead tracking system.


Scoring your Leads

Lead scoring is a technique many businesses do in order to rank prospects depending on their likelihood of conversion. There are three different types of leads: hot, warm, and cold. These categories should be your guide.

Hot leads are those who are ready to sign up immediately, while warm leads may take a bit of convincing in order for them to sign up. Cold leads, in contrast, are very unlikely to get your service. From this, you can create criteria that categorize the leads you have to make a marketing funnel that will ensure sales.


Lead Nurturing

To get the full potential of a lead, the best way is to further nurture the relationships you have with others. Lead nurturing can be anything, from listening to your prospect’s needs to providing information and answers.

Keep in touch with your prospects (of course with their permission), inform them about what’s new about your company, and make them think that signing up for your services will be beneficial and would resolve their pains.



Hiring a Lead Generation Marketing Company

Acquiring leads is a tiresome process that will cost you manpower and time, that is why, a lead generation service provider that can generate high quality leads for your business should be something you should consider. An example of this would be Coffeebot Solutions in Davao City, they can generate high-quality leads, nurture it, and build relationships turning a simple lead into a loyal customer.