Let’s review the components of successful business marketing and see which you have checked out: an optimized website, consistent SEO strategy, and engaging content. You have all of these checked out, but you still can’t seem to be attracting and retaining customers. Perhaps you are lacking when it comes to good customer service. Yes, the way you communicate with your customers can render all your efforts on other marketing aspects useless. Take a look at these effects of bad customer service below:

A damaged reputation

We all know how important reputation can be when it comes to company branding, and even personal branding. A customer will view and judge a brand based on its reputation. You may claim that your products or services are the best claim, but your audience won’t believe if you if everyone else says otherwise.

Bad reputation earns bad reviews. / Dislike icon by Freepik from Flaticon.com

Truly, it could be unfair since it takes years and years to establish a good reputation, and it takes only a matter of minutes or even seconds to completely destroy. That’s why you always have to pay attention with how your email and chat support are dealing with your customers.

A damaged reputation can put your business from the top to bottom, or in worst case scenarios, completely out of business.

It’s also something you can repair in a short moment of time, especially if one mistake has been exposed to a large number people. I mean, have you those viral posts on social media about bad customer service? Those news spread like wildfire within minutes!

It can be quite difficult to repair the damage done to your customers’ perception of your business. You might try rebranding, or better yet, just do well with customer support. After all, prevention is better than cure. Good customer support will not only keep in business, but also improve its overall performance in the market.

Lesser conversions and sales

Bad customers make it less likely for people to buy from you again. / Presentation icon by Smashicons from Flaticon.com

This one is actually an effect of bad reputation. Once you have a bad reputation, online visitors are less likely to convert, especially once they see bad reviews about your products. Consumers today are smart. They check product reviews first before actually making a purchase. So what happens when they see that your products and services aren’t as good as you claim to be after all? They are immediately discouraged and would be afraid to give it a chance since it might be a waste of money for them.

Let’s add the fact that with the rise of social media and digital communication, it’s so easy to write bad reviews online. Just visit their page on Facebook, rate it 1 star, or worse, write a long rant about their “bad” experience for all of their followers to see.

Customers today are quick to write negative reviews online when they have a bad experience with a company. In addition to leaving critical reviews, customers also vent their frustrations on social media for their friends, family, colleagues, and the entire world to see.

Nothing can kill your conversions more than a discouraged audience.

Loss of talents

In a company, there will be good employees and bad employees. The problem is, your customers won’t see your good customers, only the bad ones. They will tend to have a negative stigma regarding a business as a whole rather than just a part of it. Of course, nobody wants to work in a company that has bad reputation too because it will reflect them as a professional and their work ethic.

Another negative effect of bad customer service is, the good customer support representatives will have to pick up the slack all the mistakes and repair the damage that has been done, which truthfully, can be quite frustrating and exhausting. It can be hard to deal with this day by day and can lead to dissatisfaction and demotivation. They will start to reevaluate if working in your company is actually helping with their growth.

How to do good customer service?

Generally, one talent you need to hone as a representative is empathy. View yourself as the customer and try to understand where they are coming from, and why they are acting in such a way. There are reasons why they are frustrated, dissatisfied, or confused. Always try to solve issues in the most sensible way. For startup businesses, or even established ones, it would be smart to hire or outsource an email or chat support specialist to assist them with these matters as there many more factors involved when dealing with customers that aren’t mentioned above. They’ll definitely come in handy!